About Nothing

About Nothing

Nothing.  It means the absence of something or to regard as insignificant.   It can take on so many meanings and go to so many depths. It can be said in neutral, positive or negative ways.  There is much that has been said about nothing.

About Nothing

In neutral ways:

  • I’ve done nothing today.
  • There’s plenty of room, there’s nothing in the trunk.
  • I have nothing on my schedule (this could actually be used in all three ways, but in my brain today it is neutral).
  • I have nothing to say.
  • Nothing comes from not trying.

In positive ways:

  • There was nothing found on the tests.  Your cancer is gone.
  • Nothing is impossible with God.
  • I have hope, which is better than nothing.
  • Nothing you say can change my mind.
  • Be anxious for nothing.
  • Much Ado About Nothing

In negative ways:

  • I’m sorry, there’s nothing more I can do.
  • You are nothing and a nobody.
  • I am nothing and a nobody.
  • There is nothing to live for.

If you Google “the show about nothing”, the Wiki page for the TV show “Seinfeld” comes up. It is an entire show, that ran for nine seasons and is still considered by many to be the Number 1 show of all times, that is about absolutely nothing.

There’s a lot that can be said about nothing.  There’s a lot of nothing that is said.  Both good and bad can come from it.  A day off without anything to do can be quite refreshing and reinvigorating.  Not having anything to eat, though, is horrible.  Having enough money for a date night is quite a treat.  Not having enough money to have a place to live or clothes for your children is awful.  Having friends and family to love, support and encourage you is a blessing beyond comparison.  Being rejected and alone is heartbreaking.  Knowing you are loved unconditionally by someone, that nothing can change or take it away, is life-giving.   To know you are “loved”, but only for a purpose, because they feel they have to or, at least, have to seem to love you, or only as long as you go along with what is said without complaint, isn’t really love and it is devastating.

The most important thing we can do is love each other with the love shown to us by Jesus. What we say and how we treat others has power.  We can choose type of power we wield.  Are we going to be a good example for those around us and build each other up?  Or are we going to be self-righteous, act as if we’re more important and tear others down? The former brings people who you can look up to, they bring positive change and hope to those around them.  The latter does the exact opposite.

We can craft our words everyday, but so often we’re careless with what we say.  To tell someone they have value and name their attributes tells a person they are valued.  However, when we tell someone they are nothing or treat them in this way, it can destroy them.  When a person is told and treated as if they are nothing, from my experience, it becomes somewhat of a mantra even though it isn’t true.  When there is more rejection or negative that comes into their lives, the words run through their minds.  It can be fought with Truth, but it’s there in the back as long as it keeps being reinforced in some way.  It’s a horrible way to live and it should never happen to anyone.

Is the person you don’t like or treat horribly really nothing?  Think about it.

~ Joanna Lynn

2 thoughts on “About Nothing

  1. Sometimes, people hear the same things over and over again until they believe it. An example is a child growing up being told that they wont amount to anything. It’s really sad. Thanks for sharing this thought provoking post.

  2. You’re absolutely right. It is such a horrible legacy people leave in the way they choose to destroy others, especially when they are children.

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