Andy Gibb

Andy Gibb

Andy Gibb


The Daily Post prompt for today was the word “melody”.  I started to think about what I could write for this prompt.  I first thought about defining the word and then wax poetic about how our lives are melodies in the orchestra of life.  We add to the symphony and, without our part in it, the symphony would not be as moving and interesting.

Then I laughed and realized what I really should write about was Andy Gibb.  That probably is very confusing to you unless you were an Andy Gibb fan.  He had a song called “Melody” and it is still running through my head (and I know I’ll have to listen to it sometime today to get it out of my head).

Andy was my heart-throb when I was a young girl.  Heck, I still see his pictures and tell myself I had good taste.  To be completely honest, I actually enjoyed watching the video just now that I linked to his name, with the song I’m talking about playing in the background.

When the prompt got me thinking about how much I LOVED Andy Gibb, I remembered how upset I was when he died.   (OK, confessional…my boys can actually identify his songs because I still listen to them and have made it a requirement that they know his songs – don’t get too critical – I also require them to know The Beatles, Eagles, Prince – I don’t have any of his raunchy songs, Michael Jackson and so on).

Andy Gibb

Crying Hysterically

It’s funny how I now think of people crying hysterically when someone famous does like they were the closest of friends or family.  I find it ridiculous.  I have even muttered “get a life” or “come onnnnn”.  But, then I have to remember that when I found out he died, while walking through the common area in my dorm at school on a deserted weekend morning and the tv showed him performing and announced his death.  I watched it and then sat down and finished watching it.  I was shocked!  He was still so young (he was only 30).  I was REALLY upset.

I then went back to my room, put in a cassette (yes, a cassette, it was the 80’s) of his and…I cried…a lot…for a couple hours, if I am remembering correctly (thank God my roommate was gone for the weekend).  So, who am I to wonder at those who deeply mourn those famous people who have died?

When I think back about it now, I realize what I was mourning the most was the death of part of my childhood.  I loved seeing him (great eye candy), listening to his songs (he was the first male solo artist to have three consecutive number one singles on the Billboard Hot 100) and he will always hold a place in my childhood history.

As I think about it more, I realize that this crush, and ones like it, were constants in an ever-changing environment I lived in, where I never knew what to expect at any given moment.  He was a tangible representation that there were good things in the world and that it was so much bigger than the one I knew and lived in.  (It probably also explains why I LOVE Australian accents.)  The crush I had on him was something I knew would never turn into anything, but it gave me hope that there were so many more opportunities awaiting me than I could have ever imagined.  I still feel those feelings when I hear and see him now.  It was, and is, a good thing.

What do you think of when you hear the word “melody”?  I’d love to hear your story.  Right now I’m going to fire up iTunes and listen to a little Andy Gibb…at high volume…singing just as loud…(don’t judge)…

~ Joanna Lynn

4 thoughts on “Andy Gibb

  1. I miss Andy Gibb, I miss the joy and passion of the Bee-Gees and the ’80s sound. The only thing good about the ’80s was the melodies.

  2. It’s amazing to me how much 80’s music plays everywhere. I was in jr high, HS and college during the 80’s, so I have some fond memories of the 80’s.

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