Awe of Life

Awe of Life

Hi and welcome back!   Come on in.  We have all kinds of doughnuts from Taylor’s Bakery to offer.  So grab whatever you’d like to drink and the doughnut of choice and let’s have a seat to talk.  It’s storming, yet again, but it’s a good temperature, so we can sit in the sunroom to enjoy the warmth.  My time away has been a real discovery of how I am in awe of life.

Awe of LifeI really missed meeting with you last week.  I’ve been MIA on my blog lately as I’ve been getting used to the new ventures in my life.   It’s been a crazy couple of weeks with my boys finishing up their school years.  My youngest finished last Wednesday and my oldest graduates on June 3rd.  I’m sure his graduation and heading off to college will be bittersweet for both of us.  He’s not looking forward to the idea of moving away from his friends and what he knows.  For me, it is the idea of my “baby” moving on to live “on his own” at college three hours away.  No matter what, I know it will be a great next step on his journey into adulthood.

I’ve been driving for Lyft for about a month now and I like it.  Since school is mostly out, I’m going to try to start driving early in the morning so I can be back to spend some time with the boys during the summer.  I’m sure plenty of naps are in my future, but I think this will be a good way to balance out the days so I don’t sacrifice one thing for another.

Awe of Life

I’m amazed at the different people I am meeting.  The stories are overwhelming at times, but I feel honored they tell them to me.  I drive away from them in awe of life.  People go through so much, make good and bad decisions and live to tell the tale.  Some of the stories are so heartbreaking with the person looking back with regret of choices that they made.  Others are full of hope as they look forward to their future.   And then there are those who are in the midst of terribly sad times with losses, hurts and sickness at the time of their ride.  There’s nothing easy about this life, but in both the good and the bad, it is so worth the effort we put into it as long as we have a beating heart.

Driving for Lyft has given me so much.  I feel like I’m helping people, but I feel like they’ve been helping me as well.  I’m seeing the world through different eyes and am realizing how much bigger this world really is.

~ Joanna Lynn

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