Be A Writer

Be A Writer

“Why is writing so much harder for me than it is for everybody else?” — every novelist ever, secretly to themselves, all the time  

Lev Grossman

This quote is the story of my life as I’ve started walking down this path of writing. I don’t know how many times I’ve wondered what I could possibly be thinking for even trying to do this blog. And, yet, here I am. Should I be a writer?  I have had times where I seriously thought this wasn’t something I was meant to do.  There were so many others with so much more talent.  I have very little idea of what I’m doing.  I am trying to learn as I go, while making so many mistakes along the way.  The biggest mistake I have made, unfortunately several times, is looking online to see about the likelihood of becoming a paid author.  (Just to clarify – if you don’t want to have every positive thought or expectation crushed about something you’re interested in, do NOT ever research the likelihood of it happening on the internet!)

Should I Be A Writer

I feel that I’ve gotten past a lot of the negatives about actually doing the writing, but as I’ve started trying to learn more about the skill, I now have attacks assaulting me telling me I have no value, will never accomplish anything and have no purpose. It’s really hard to write when you have these horrible “comments” running through your head.

There are times I have wondered if my doubts are telling me I really shouldn’t be a writer.  But, after reading the quote above, I realize that I am normal. Me, normal! That’s a new one.  But, it made me feel better and helped me to stop questioning myself so much, at least as it pertained to continuing writing. The thing is,  I have stories that keep coming to mind or instances in my life that I know I’m supposed to share. So, I keep moving forward on the path I have chosen.  Or is it the path that has chosen me?

Be A Writer

Be A Writer


Where To Write

As I have tried to learn more about the craft, I’ve noticed that many writers need and want a quiet place to create that is specifically setup to work. I don’t have this setup in my house as things that are left out in trying to be organized have a habit of disappearing into the rooms of my boys (or wherever they decide to take whatever they want at the moment they take it). So, I am somewhat of a traveling writer. It is really funny how much my preferences change in where I need to write depending on the day, what’s happening and what I feel I’m supposed to write. There are times when I must have complete quiet and I write either in my bedroom, on my bed, with the door closed or I am sitting in a park. Other times, like tonight, I have the TV on watching So You Think You Can Dance, and I am writing in between the dances. But, what is the funniest part of it to me is that I cannot write in a Starbucks. They are way too distracting for me. It’s odd, but true. TV doesn’t distract me, but Starbucks does.

So…what should I write?

The last complexity to writing for me is what to actually write. To be a writer you have to have content and direction.  I always pray about what I should focus on next.  I pray and listen for God’s promptings when a thought comes to mind to assure myself that I am on the right path.  It would be nice sometimes, though, if I had some ideas presented to me.   In that spirit, is there anything anyone would like me to write about?  Anything I’ve written you’d like me to expand on?  Any concerns you’d like me to discuss?  If so, please feel free to leave me a comment.  I’d love to hear from you.

~ Joanna Lynn

9 thoughts on “Be A Writer

  1. I wanted to “like” but the button isn’t there for some reason…anyway, I told my friend earlier that I have a blog now but I don’t consider myself a “blogger” hah. I said that because I too feel like this experiment will end up as just that…an experiment. Yet, I feel inside like I just have something to say but I don’t know what. I’ve only had a blog for a little over a week so you’re way more experienced than I am. Still I will share with you that the posts I’ve had I just grab something and run with it. Once I get started, once I grab the thread I keep pulling and see where it goes. Don’t listen to the people who put you down – this isn’t for them! I obviously don’t know you but if you’re anything like me this blog is for yourself more than for the readers. At the risk of sounding cheesy- listen to your heart and start typing : )

  2. Thanks so much. I’m glad you are writing. I know part of my writing is so I can sort through my past and come out of it better. If it helps someone else in their journey, then it’s even better. Keep going on your blog. If you’re writing for yourself or someone else, then it’s not an experiment. It’s something you need to do and keep doing.

  3. I tried to go check out your blog, but when I clicked on your name and the site, both of them came up telling me there were no results found.

  4. Wow! I am impressed. You have written many short articles. I am just starting and have a long way to go but I am inspired by your work . There’s so much to learn about blogging and I am slowly finding my way about creating a better blog. Thanks for your stories.

  5. I fear sometimes of writing, if feel it wont be what no one will want to read or read and call trash, but i got over it i was like i just wanna write for me not for anyone and with the good comes the bad, am not yet there but am getting the hang of it.Your post was inspiring and i think we all writers have concerns and i think its part of being normal.

  6. I think you are so right. My best friend has told me several times that over this past year, as I’ve been writing more and more, that she can see real growth in how I write. Keep going and write to your heart’s content.

  7. Thank you so much for writing this, you so eloquently captured my struggle. In my heart, I want to write, but I question my gift and my desire because it’s so hard to do it and so often I shy away from it. I’m working really hard to pull nyself out of that space and free my words. I needed this inspiration because it’s certainly not easy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  8. Hi, Renise. Thanks. Try to remember, especially when those fears strike, that usually the most rewards we gain in our lives follow the hardest things for us. I don’t see that you have a wordpress site, but please let me know if you have another site where you write or when you create a new site.

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