Being Social

Being Social

Being Social

A Lot of Social Interaction

Hi!  I’m so glad to spend some time with you.  I mean really, really glad.  It is gorgeous outside and I’ve had some quality alone time this weekend.  I definitely needed it and now I’m re-energized and ready to talk for a bit.  Grab what you’d like to drink.  Again, I would suggest some milk because I had a hankering for Oreos this week.  Please feel free to have as many as you want.

This has been a very social week.  I’ve had lunch with three of my friends on three different days and I started my Bible study for the year with a group of mostly older ladies.  I adore those ladies.  They are so sweet.  I always get hugs from the two co-leaders, which makes my day.  Plus, for me, starting the day discussing God’s Word is a very positive start.

I loved the time I spent with all my friends and Bible study ladies, but it wore me out.  Getting together with friends and those I know is something I look forward to doing, but it does take a toll.  I am definitely an introvert, so being social is draining when it is not paired with some alone time.  That’s why I’ve been MIA online for a few days.  Blogging and interacting with the other amazing bloggers is also socializing for me (but I do enjoy the interaction – so please don’t stop).  So, I needed a break.  I’m learning that is OK to admit, but I’ll go into more about that on another post.

As far as my writing is concerned, I was pretty happy with my first flash fiction post written for my blog, Our Marriage.  I have written a few other fiction pieces for contests, but that was a couple years ago.  I posted one of those stories, which won first place in the contest, on my site a while back.  You can find it here:  Joy in Pain.

I forgot how different it is to do fiction. It uses a whole different part of your right brain. It took me several days and hours to get it to where it made sense, followed the plot and I was pleased with it.  I’m glad I did it and I will be writing more.  Part of the reason it was nice for me was because it wasn’t personal.  It was a fictional story about fictional people in a fictional setting.  It is true that part of me was in the story, but you’d have to know me to put that together.  It feels safer to me and not nearly as draining.  I think fiction is a bit harder to actually write because it is entirely a creation of my own, but I don’t feel drained after I hit “publish”.  The best part about writing fiction is that I can go into a different place in my head and create whatever and whoever comes to mind.  There’s magic in doing it.

OK, enough about me.  How have you been?  Have you tried anything new this week?  I’d love to hear about you.  Oh, and have another Oreo before you leave.  I goofed and bought a Family Size package.  So, the more you eat, the less for me to eat!

~ Joanna Lynn

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  1. I love Oreos, thank you for sharing. 🙂 Just like you, I get some time off from too much socializing, sometimes even here on WP. I’d be happy to just read all the wonderful posts and post a comment or two. 🙂

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