Blogging Nightmare

I could have just given up and taken it as a sign from God that I wasn’t supposed to do this blog or start my writing career. I seriously thought and prayed about it quite a few times. But, as I prayed, what kept coming to me was there was such an attack coming on me because it was something I was supposed to do and satan wanted none of it.

I set out to start my blog as I began my journey to find who God made me to be months ago. You know what they say about the best-laid plans? It is so eerie to me that my computer began to self-destruct the day following my second blog entry on this adventure. And self-destruct it did! After a month of trying to save what I could and work through it, I had to send my computer in to Apple to have it fixed. It was so bad that I ended up pretty much getting a brand new computer in the same shell. When I got it back a week ago, I thought my troubles were over and I could begin my journey while I kept a journal of what came my way, what I thought, what mattered in my life, what I’d learned and so on. Boy was I wrong! After a week of trying to fix the problems that kept coming, I gave up and called support. Another week later, it ended up that I needed a new operating system as well. Evidently, when you migrate your information over to a new computer a couple times, all the old files for the old computers start to really garble up and “confuse” the new computer. Who knew? Certainly not me. There was computer programming from 2004 on there!

Anyway, I persevered and came out of it with much better than I would have ever expected. I have a computer that works so much quicker and doesn’t keep getting glitches all the time. I don’t have to shut it down at least once a day and I’m free to do what I need to do for my life as well as with writing.

I won’t lie, having my computer pretty much unusable really was like a punch in the gut to starting a new venture into writing. Along with this, I transferred to a new domain provider and changed my blogging account; neither of which went very smoothly as well as they both took a long time. There was absolutely no way this was all happening by chance. None! That’s what I felt God telling me and I felt it in my soul. Someone was trying to keep me from this adventure God was giving me!

Some things are worth fighting for in life. Sometimes the things we have to fight for the most are the most rewarding and fulfilling things that happen in our lives. To lay down and play dead by walking away from the hard circumstances and the ones that seem to be snowballing can be the biggest mistakes we could ever make. We get stronger by working through it. And we aren’t doing it alone. God is with us.