Can You Not See?

Where True Freedom Is Found

I read the following post written by Mia at The Grizzle Grist Mill blog.  I had to share it.  I have wondered so, so often why people take on an arrogant persona or are so interested in getting ahead that no one and nothing else matters.  I can’t even begin to explain why they do this, but I guess it’s to make themselves seem above others or to try to get respect, but, as Mia words it, their actions actually don’t bring them praise or people who are close to them – it brings the opposite.  God is where our focus should be and where we should point others – not making ourselves appear to be above all else.  He is where we find true freedom.  Thanks for writing it, Mia.  Stop by and check out her blog.

~ Joanna Lynn

Can You Not See?

You lash out against the one you call opponent

Thinking your anger and words of ill will can turn others away

What you don’t realize is the hate you spew simply returns to you

For curses return to the one who cursed. You will reap what you have sown.

You bite and claw to get ahead

Your lips bring lies and deceit believing this will bring you high

What you don’t see is they seek truth and authenticity not another position

For truth will always bring freedom even if it comes with a sacrifice.

We don’t desire your popularity or control. We don’t long for your position or ruling.

Your anger will not bring you justice. It will only bring you shame.

Your slanderous words will not bring you happiness and freedom. It will only bring you brokenness in bondage.

Your vicious actions will not bring you power. It will only bring you a prison of pain.

We long for Truth. We long for Freedom. We long for Life.

He is your only answer. He is your only Hope. He is standing there waiting for you.

He is The Way. He is the Truth. He is The Light. He is all you need.

Will you turn to see Him today?

Will you turn before it’s too late?

~ Mia


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