Crazy Busy Weeks

Crazy Busy Weeks

Hi and welcome again.  I hope you have been able to keep dry this weekend.  We have had so many pop-up showers.  It’s been odd.  Anyway, please grab what you’d like to drink and I have chocolate almond, Reese’s, and cookie dough ice creams,  with either a cake or waffle cone, to offer if you would like some.  Just tell my oldest and he’ll scoop some up for you.  I missed meeting with you last week but I’ve have had a couple of crazy busy weeks.

Crazy Busy WeeksWe have made two Genius Bar appointments for my oldest’s Macbook.  They have it down to a science, but it’s still not my favorite thing to do.  Fortunately, we didn’t have to pay any money either time!  The laptop is over four years old, so it is no longer under warranty.  The second time, we thought for sure that it was dead.  No matter what we did, we couldn’t get it to do anything.  It ended up that they just had to pull the battery from it and then reconnect it for it to reset.  What a relief!

It seems like everyone in my houses has had to be everywhere this summer.  I feel like a taxi (oh, wait a minute, a Lyft or Uber driver, but I don’t get paid for these rides!).  Trying to work those trips in with errands and work that needs to be done around the house, not to mention the days I drove, was hectic.

Speaking of driving, I didn’t work from last Thursday to this Wednesday.  My oldest and I went to UE (University of Evansville) for his Orientation and Registration.  We drove down Thursday so we wouldn’t have to get up extremely early on Friday to drive down.  It was a nice day, but my son was not loving the team building games.  During one of the parent sessions, they talked about how emotions tended to go up and down with the students surrounding getting ready to go to college, even during the day of orientation.  They told a story about a lady coming up to the speaker, a previous year, at the beginning of the orientation.  The mom told her that she had two uninterrupted hours with her son on the drive in for the orientation and that they had talked the entire time.  She said they never had that kind of time together and she was really going to miss him so much.  When the same mom came up to her at the end of the orientation, she approached the speaker and told her, “You can keep him!”  I found that quite funny and could see it happening just by seeing the way my son’s emotions were plummeting.

I also took Monday and Tuesday off because my back left lights decided to stop working and, since I had borrowed a sport Jeep for the two days it was in the shop, I really couldn’t take many passengers.  So, I just didn’t work, but my youngest and I really enjoyed the Jeep.  The three days I did work, though, were insane.  There was a huge convention in town and the requests were coming in before I even was able to drop off the previous person.  It made for little downtime, which was good, but this particular convention was for financial advisors for a particular company and most were freely talking about how they made so much money.  However, only four people gave tips. It was disappointing, but maybe that’s why they have so much money to invest.

Well, this covers a lot about my crazy busy weeks.  How has your time been?

~ Joanna Lynn

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