Days of Relaxing

Days of Relaxing

Days of Relaxing


I missed getting together with you last week while I was in Florida.  I’ve tried to play catchup from being gone so haven’t been on the blogs much.  I’m hoping to change that starting this week.  After five days of relaxing, life hit me full force, like usual, beginning the day I got home.

My time in Florida with my sister friend was great and much needed.  She took me to eat at several places I’ve never been to before.  One had these amazing truffles they served with every meal that had a completely Oreo center with the texture of cake.  It was so good!  My friend then took me to a shop that was super girly (the restaurant was as well).  She takes me to these kinds of places that I never go to on my own.  I always end up buying things I would usually never buy for myself when shopping alone.

We didn’t spend much time at the beach because it was cooler weather and a bit too cold for me to enjoy getting close and personal with the water.  We did, however, have time at her church’s ladies Christmas dinner, saw two movies right after each other, slept in a little, saw the water and did a lot of talking.  As is common during our visits, we also had some tough discussions where we spoke into each other’s lives.  Emotions were bared and some rough things were said in love, however, we know that each of us seeks God’s direction when we speak, so we know the other is safe and only wants the best for the other.  They were great days of relaxing and friendship.

On the day I was to leave, I woke up to two texts from my family with requests.  I honestly wondered why they couldn’t wait until I got home later that night, but it is what it is.  I guess I was missed and needed.  It was a full week of appointments, my oldest’s class reading from his novel writing course, a Christmas social and then Friday it all caught up with me.  I came home from taking my oldest to school and slept well into the afternoon.  I could have slept longer, but since I had to pick up my child so I figured it was time to get up.  I did feel better, though.

It’s been a good couple of weeks.  I’m completely behind in decorating for Christmas, but we did pick out a tree and brought it home today.  It hasn’t been decorated yet, but it’s here.  I always loved Christmas, and still do, but it’s taken a blow this year with some issues.  The magic seems to have been sucked out of it, but hopefully this will finally add some peace to the holiday that has been missing for almost a decade.  It all stems from the walking away I was instructed to do and, while I am still completely sure I was obedient to the directions I was given, the fallout keeps following me no matter what I do or say.  It’s hard and it makes me feel alone, but I know God loves me and will work it all out in the end.  Until then, I will just keep moving forward.

With all of this, I am extremely thankful for my days of relaxing.

~ Joanna Lynn

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5 thoughts on “Days of Relaxing

  1. Glad to hear you had a great time in Florida, Joanna. I’ve missed a couple of coffee shares too but I managed to post one just before the link closed today. A few sister friends also visited me the past weeks and I had a great time bringing them around and catching up and sharing about our lives as soon as we found time, mostly in the evenings before bed or over coffee. We all wished we could spend more time but like you, thankful for the chance to see each other and be renewed in spirit. We’ve managed to put up the decorations last week but like you said, some things this year have sucked out the magic, although thinking about the blessings far outweighs the bad. And I’m glad we are blessed with that attitude.

  2. Definitely. They were my workmates from my previous job and I’m glad I forged friendships no matter how bad and toxic the workplace can be. It’s one of the best things I’m grateful for since I resigned. 🙂

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