Disney World and Mickey Mouse

This has to be my favorite map ever. Just by looking at how colorful it is makes me smile. It reflects what you will find when you visit. It looks like a happy place and it gets you ready for the visit.

Disney World is one of those places I have enjoyed with my children. We laughed and it was a great trip. It was one of the trips we took the last year of their dad’s life. I loved seeing everything through their eyes, but to be honest, I’d been there twice before we took them and I had a ball.

To be completely honest, I think I enjoyed it more. I love the imagination of it all and the characters are awesome. I was so excited to see every one of them, except Minnie Mouse. I cannot stand Minnie Mouse! One of my boys finally asked me why I disliked her so much. When I told them it was because she wasn’t good enough for Mickey, they thought that was hysterical. Of course, they wanted more details; so I told them that Mickey was so sweet and such a good guy but all Minnie did was gripe and nag about everything. He deserves so much better. Both the boys made it very clear that I was insane.

They might be on to something.

4 thoughts on “Disney World and Mickey Mouse

  1. visiting Disneyland is my biggest dream as a child. 🙂 I was not able to go there, since now. 🙂 But this post somehow reignites my interest to visit a Disneyland someday. 😀

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