Encouraging and Uplifting

Encouraging and uplifting others is so important.  It helps people look to the future with confidence and hope. These people are then more likely to look to the future with encouragement and hope for others with whom they touch and come in contact. Why would anyone not want that for others?

Encouraging and Uplifting

Breaking the Chains

Breaking the Chains That Bind

By writing this blog and starting to write in other arenas, I am slowly starting to unlink the chains on my wrists by allowing my writings to be sent out on the Internet and to friends and acquaintances. I am just now beginning to unlink the chains around my ankles by stepping into leadership and teaching roles, even though doubt and insecurity are present so often in those areas.

Where to Look For Freedom

But those chains should have never been placed there. How do people who are supposed to love you behave this way and treat the ones closest to them with such despicable behavior? What purpose does it serve? I have heard that it helps the other person feel better about themselves by tearing down the positives of others. How does that even work?

I’m coming to terms with the fact that this is something I will never understand. There is just no way I can wrap my head around the thought process that could lead someone to think this OK.  Why would someone waste the energy to tear others down rather than towards encouraging and uplifting them?

What I can do is look to the One Who loves me in a way I will also never be able to totally understand this side of Heaven. His love is so vast, He cheers for me louder than any crowd at an NFL game and He speaks to me gently to guide and protect me. I can also take His words and meditate on them to someday come to the point where I not only no longer hear the tapes but that the tapes are destroyed completely. God’s love can do this and I, with His help, can make this happen.

~ Joanna Lynn

(Matthew West “Do Something”) is a wonderful example of how we can be encouraging and uplifting to each other.)

2 thoughts on “Encouraging and Uplifting

  1. Awesome, Joanna! You have always been encouraging and uplifting to me. That’s just who you are! Your struggles in life are being used for God’s glory and honor and helping others break free from being bound. So grateful He is using you and so grateful for the strength you show in your walk with Him.

  2. Aww, thanks, Stacy! I’m so glad you’re my friend. You have been so supportive of me throughout our friendship all the way back to BSU!

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