Growing up, one of my favorite songs was “Escape (The Pina Colada song)” by Rupert Holmes.  It is still one of my favorites.  I love it mainly for the story it tells.  This is seemingly an odd song for a Christian woman to like so much, especially BECAUSE of the story line, but let me explain.



If you’ve never heard the song before, I have attached a video of it, that includes the lyrics, at the end of the post.  However, let me give a synopsis.  It starts with a guy telling how he’s tired of his lady (he refers to her as “my old lady” in the second line – it was written in the 70’s – which I always took as his wife) and that they had fallen into a rut.  One night, he happens to read the personal column and found an ad from a lady looking for someone new with attributes she was looking for in a man.  He answers the ad asking to meet her the next day to plan their escape.  When she walks in he sees that it is his wife who had written the ad.

The reason I like this song so much is that these two people are in (what I believe to be) a marriage and, instead of taking the time to prioritize and put effort into their marriage, they had given up on it.  They decided it was easier to move on with someone else rather than doing all they could to make it work with the person with whom they fell in love and to whom they’d made a commitment.  In the end, though, they find the person they were looking for was each other.  He even changes his description of his wife to “my own lovely lady” instead of “my old lady”.  The best part to me is when he says “you’re the love that I’ve looked for, come with me and escape”.  The love they had looked for was the love they already had.  It just took work and effort to realize more about each other and rekindle the love they had for each other.

Even though this song was written and became popular in the 70’s, it still holds true today, maybe even more.  Marriage is not held as important to many and, even when people do get married, a lot of the time the vows they make aren’t meant or kept.  To many, marriage is just a more elaborate way of being with someone until the love doesn’t hold true anymore.  When I was younger, I went to a wedding of a friend and their vows were “as long as love and faith abide” rather than “as long as we both shall live”.  They are still married and I believe they fully meant and mean to stay together forever, but it made me sad.  Unfortunately, these seem to be more truthful vows for many.

Barring abuse and infidelity (even infidelity can sometimes be worked through), those in marriages can be hopeful that their marriages can be saved and even flourish if they’re willing to put the effort into saving it. Marriages that are new and exciting are great.  However, we grow and have deep bonds as we work through the hard times in our lives together.  We learn to love deeper, give more freely and walk alongside each other.  But these are the times that most people quit and walk away.  They also walk away when things get routine and “boring”.  It is during those times that you have to work harder by pursuing each other again.  Make time to grow in love and find fun together.

No matter where you are in your marriage, find time to escape together – whether it is a night out doing something different than you normally would, going on a short trip together or shuffling the kids off to grandmas for a weekend of doing what you love to do together (not doing errands or working – something fun).  Your marriage and life together are worth it.

~ Joanna Lynn

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