Everything Went Wrong

Everything Went Wrong

My Apple Products Rebelled

Hi, welcome again.  Grab whatever you’d like to drink and have a seat.  How have things been going for you?  Let’s talk for a while.

This week’s word for me has been frustration.  As far as publishing on my blog, everything went wrong.  We are an Apple family, however, my Macbook, iPhone and iPad all decided to rebel against me this week.  I absolutely couldn’t believe it!  I was trying to publish my last post, New Life, when my Macbook decided it would not go to many sites, especially none from WordPress.  My iPhone doesn’t work well with the picture site I use (Pixabay) because I can’t actually see more than two pictures or choose any because the screen is too small and my iPad refused to accept my login information to my website!!!  My wi-fi has also decided not to work in most of the upstairs of my house. I was beyond frustrated.

With everything going wrong, I began to wonder if I wasn’t supposed to publish it.  Have you had a piece of writing that you felt was really important to get out for others to read and it seemed like, no matter what you did, something went wrong?  You also felt like it wasn’t quite right no matter how often you proofread and corrected it?  Do you ever feel like getting the post out was actually under attack?  That was what was happening with this post.  When this happens, it definitely makes me question whether I’m writing good material.

When I thought of it all, I realized that these are questions all writers ask.  If we don’t ever have these questions come across our minds, we aren’t reaching deep enough or writing from our heart and our conscience.  It’s scary to say some of the things I feel led to write and it’s even worse when I feel I’m supposed to verbally tell someone something important or hard.  However, I know often life changes can only happen when someone makes us aware or confronts us with something we need to hear.  So, I continue to work through the myriad of problems when they happen and continue to write.

This week also brought getting my youngest registered for his first year of high school.  I can’t believe he’s in HS this year.  I now have a senior and a freshman in HS.  In the same instant, it seems like it took forever to get to this point and it happened in a blink of the eye.  Does that make sense?  Anyway, he’s excited and scared at the same time.  He’ll be great.  He has a lot of friends going there this year as well as older students that will take care of him.  It’s a good group of kids.

Well, those are the highlights and lowlights of my week.  Tell me about yours.  I hope you haven’t been frustrated much.

~ Joanna Lynn

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2 thoughts on “Everything Went Wrong

  1. I was also struggling with publishing a post while on the road. I only had my phone to do it on. In the end I noticed that I was supposed to change the status to Publish instead of Draft. So however times I pressed “publish immediately”, nothing would happen as the status kept being “draft”. So frustrating, aaargh… It took hours to figute this out. Well now I know 😉

  2. Yeah, that is frustrating. I always hope I’ll remember the next time when I learn a lesson like that. If it’s too long between times, I have been known to forget. That is overwhelmingly frustrating!!! I’m glad you got it figured out.

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