Evolution or Creation, Purpose or Chance


Drinking in the sun and sound of the ocean, my mind goes into a very relaxed time. It is so peaceful and there is always the reminder of this wonderful creation we live in. When I was visiting my friend last month, I began to ponder the idea of creation and evolution. I’ll be honest in saying it wasn’t something I thought about for long. For me, it is crystal clear how the world came to be. Without hesitation, I believe God created everything.

Thoughts on Evolution

In my mind, evolution doesn’t make any sense. (I’m not writing this to start an argument with anyone. I am merely writing my thoughts.) I never have understood where the speck or atom or whatever it is that everything came from actually…well…came from. When I was in HS, the age of the earth was a million or several million years old, now it’s 4.5 billion years old because the “evolution” of the world in the way it was explained couldn’t fit into that limited amount of years they originally gave. The world just gets older over time to try to make the theory work.

Then we have the evolution of living creatures that adds a whole other spectrum of theories that I don’t understand or see how it works. Everything came from everything else and living things came from nonliving things and vice versa. Dinosaurs are mentioned in the Bible in Job as well as dragons and flying serpents in other books of the Old Testament, yet evolution says that they were “prehistoric” and didn’t live alongside humans. Again, it just doesn’t make any sense to me.  As far as I’m concerned, it would take way more faith to believe in evolution than it does to believe in creation.

Soft Coral (Dendronephthya sp) reef scenic, Indonesia

Soft Coral (Dendronephthya sp) reef scenic, Indonesia

Designed With Intelligence

When I was sitting by the ocean, with so many species of animals and plants just in these waters alone, the thought that came to me so strongly was wondering how I could believe all of this just happened. It takes people with multiple degrees and great intelligence (on both sides of the spectrum) to investigate and present their findings. It takes a LOT of intelligence to make sense of it all, so how can there not be Intelligence behind the design? Things don’t just happen. There are reasons behind everything and in every detail. Yet, that is what evolution is all about. Everything came to be from nothing or something that just appeared from nothing…or something like that. If we had a box that was completely sterile and empty, would anything just appear and start to grow? No, not unless something got into the box.

I believe in the Holy, Living God Who created all there is because of His great love for us – even before He created us. After declaring that God doesn’t exist, I believe the worst issue the theory of evolution presents is that life has no meaning. According to evolution, we all came to be out of chance. There is no real purpose in life other than to live it the way you want to get what you want.


Your Life Has a Purpose

There are many who go far above this purpose and care for the needs of others and do good in the world. However, so many people are living life with the thought that their life holds no purpose. They weren’t created especially by a God Who loves them for a purpose they can only do in the way only they can do it. They live with the “knowledge” that life just happened, evolving from nothing and returning to nothing. There isn’t much promise in this thought. I believe this is why there is so much murder, rape, theft and so much other crime. There isn’t a lot to hold on to, especially if you don’t have family and friends supporting you.

God created each of us and gave us life to be His children because He loves us. We didn’t just come to be out of nothing. Every life has value and I wish so much that everyone knew this with everything in them. There is hope and promise in this knowledge.

~ Joanna Lynn

3 thoughts on “Evolution or Creation, Purpose or Chance

  1. Creation v. Evolution can be a complex topic — like you, I believe their is a Divine Creator, but how it all rolled out from there, I really don’t know (and kind of don’t get too concerned about). Faith is believing in a Power far greater than ours. If our minds matched Gods, we would be equal with Him, and we are not. So if there are things we don’t understand or that don’t make sense to us, than that in and of itself should make sense to us. Of course, there are problems with that thought as well — so again, sometimes we have to let our minds stop spinning and relax in our faith.

  2. I truly agree with you that we have to rest in our faith and knowing He’s in control. But I also believe we have to speak of our beliefs, especially when our belief is banned to be taught to our children in so many schools.

  3. I agree, although I admit since I don’t have children my opinions about what’s taught in schools aren’t as well formed. However, if opposing thoughts are taught, you darn well better be teaching both — or all — sides. I have no problem with objectively teaching various beliefs in public schools (objectivity being a challenge, I know) because I believe the truth will stand on its own and public schools aren’t forums for personal or religious beliefs. But they should fairly present all sides. I’ve heard Christianity presented in schools in a fair manner that isn’t forcing beliefs or judging others, so if that’s the concern, it can be done.

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