6 thoughts on “Feel Like a Somebody

  1. I can relate to this. I had a controlling and manipulating boss from my previous workplace and the reason for ending my contract. I did not feel appreciated and important while I know I was doing a really good job. There was so much negativity. The best thing I got from there were the great friendships that I still keep to this day.

  2. I can relate to this post. I had a controlling and manipulative boss from my previous workplace but only a few of us recognized that because the others are just too busy having a job. It was such a negative environment that I needed to ‘detoxify’ myself for the last two years. I had to get out. The best thing that I got from there were the friendships that I still keep to this day.

  3. It’s good you were able to get away. I went to an intensive therapy after my husband died a few days a week for about a month. I started noticing a lot of people coming from Eli Lilly (huge pharmaceutical company based here in Indy). I knew someone who worked there, too, and they keep giving you more and more work and have less and less people working there. It’s all about the bottom line and the care of the employees and their lives is not there near as much. They have great pay and benefits but they are miserable.

  4. The huge amount of work and the challenges I did anticipate because it was more of a training for me. But I did not expect it to consume me and burn me out. I did not see myself growing as a person with that kind of job. So far, it’s been a quite depressing but I know I’m seeing the good out of it all.

  5. You’ve made a couple comments (and I look forward to reading your post about it) of your personality type. I knew I’d taken it, but couldn’t remember completely my results. So, I retook the test and I am an INFP this test also had an A/P, which I don’t know what it brings to the party. But they said I was a mediator. The description was scary how much it fit me.

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