God's Plan For Sex

God’s Plan For Sex

God's Plan For Sex

Child Abuse

Three arrested and one convicted of child molestation…all teachers or teacher’s assistants.  The teacher’s assistant worked at my youngest’s school.  These were the stories on the news last night.

I don’t usually watch the news and this is partly why.  It is depressing.  Children molested, killed, abused, animals killed and abused, people killed just because instead of self-defense, terrorist attacks killing and injuring as many people as possible.  And for what?

Porn Plays a Huge Part

God had a plan for humanity and it wasn’t this.  He set limits and gave us guidelines for us, not to “keep us from having fun” but to protect us and give us security.  We have strayed so far from God’s plan for sex.  Our daughters see that the way women are supposed to dress is for them to show as much cleavage as possible.  Our sons hear that to be curious about porn is normal and nothing to be concerned about.  It is said over and over that you are not normal if you stay a virgin until marriage, but then will also be quick to label you a slut if you follow the lead of society and sleep with people you “love” or with whom you just want to “hookup”.

There is no security in this type of living.  I understand children have been sexually molested  for generations, but they are only getting more and more frequent.  It used to shock and anger us when we heard of a teacher sexually abusing a child.  We remembered their names, like Mary Kay Letourneau.  I can’t even remember any of the names from last night, except the one that was at my son’s school.  That is how desensitized we have become to this type of news.

God's Plan For Sex

God’s Plan

Sex has become so “normal”, even deviant sex, that it’s quickly tossed aside until we hear about it again.  I believe the porn industry plays a huge role in the way sex is made OK in any form, with anyone or animal.  Sex trafficking of women of all ages have made small children available to those who find the prospect of being with a child appealing.  Our children aren’t even safe with the very people we entrust to protect and teach them.

What We Are Teaching Our Children

We have taken small, innocent children and, by just allowing them to watch TV with us, we have taught them what is good in the eyes of the world.  To watch shows where the women have so much of their breasts shown with the clothes they wear is telling about what society sees as beautiful and right.  Our children see this as the way to dress to be noticed. They are taught that sex and being sexual defines who they are instead of knowing they are valuable and that they are enough.  Instead of being told God’s plan for sex and them, they see the exact opposite everywhere around them.

Teen pregnancy rates don’t properly show that sexual activity in teens is rising because of the use of contraception, but the rate of STD’s is rising dramatically.  These are diseases that will stay with them forever, yet almost every show on TV or movies displays  that even if you just met someone, sleep with them.

My own marriage was destroyed by my husband’s choice to view porn and the affairs that followed because porn no longer fulfilled him.  But, then, I am told by one of the boys’ doctors that viewing porn is natural.  While it may be something that they are curious about, it is not normal or natural to view porn.  It becomes very addictive and it can only serve to destroy any normal relationship that can happen in their lives.  I’ve talked to many other women who have had porn touch their lives with their husbands and not one of them has told me that it has enhanced or grown their relationship.

God’s Plan For Sex

Sex isn’t the most important thing in life and dressing provocatively is not what defines a person or gives them worth.  Everyone is so quick to jump into bed with whomever they like but they never take the time to really get to know each other.  God’s plan for sex is to enhance a committed relationship through marriage, not to become the end-all in our lives.

~ Joanna Lynn

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