Graduation and Driving

Graduation and Driving

Hi, come on in and grab something to drink.  The family has many salty snacks to offer (they all seem to enjoy salty snacks – me, not as much), so pick out something you like and we’ll grab a seat to talk.  It’s sunny and really warm outside, so we’ll stay inside.  Let me tell you about my week for graduation and driving.

Graduation and DrivingThe biggest news from the past week is the graduation part of the graduation and driving week.  My oldest graduated yesterday from high school.  It was a really nice ceremony in a beautiful performing arts center.  Since it is a private school with under 90 graduates, they did things a bit differently.  The students all wore nice clothes without caps and gowns.  The students also all have faculty mentors, so instead of a long line of students standing alphabetically for their name to be called, each mentor called their graduate forward and they were given their diploma, and hugs by their mentor, a school trustee and the Headmaster.  Then they walked back to their seats and the next person was called.  I went to my niece’s graduation last week with over 660 graduates and the ceremony only took one-and-a-half hours and this one took two hours.  It was very meaningful, though.  I hope it’s something that will be a good memory for him in the future.

Now for the driving part of the graduation and driving week.  I added driving for Uber to my Lyft driving.  I really like driving for Lyft, but they don’t have enough subscriber’s yet, so there can be lots of downtime.  Adding driving for Uber as well makes for more money earned during the times I drive.  There are pluses and minuses to driving for each of the driving services, but the biggest is the community feel and tips received.  I got up to try to be on the road by 4:00 am this past week.  I earned more money, but I am realizing all over again that I need much more sleep than this.  I even take a nap at some point each day when I get home, but this will only be something I can do for a short time.  I’ll play with it over the next few weeks, but I’m sure that start time will get later very soon.  It was a pretty profitable week, though, so I’m not complaining.

How are you doing?  Did you have any fun or memorable times?

~ Joanna Lynn

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4 thoughts on “Graduation and Driving

  1. Congratulations to graduates as they honouring the world best wishes. I wonder about the early start time. That is intriguing job and helpful those don’t for whatever reason

  2. Thank you so much! It is a great accomplishment. He did well and received quite a few scholarships. I’m very happy for him.

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