I Am Me

I Am Me

I am me.

I am not who others say I am.

I am not any creation anyone has developed in their mind to suit their purpose.

I am only me – who I was created to be.

I Am Me

I am me.

I am not who I was told I was while growing up, in my marriage and by some who linger still.

The words these people spoke and speak are their thoughts alone.

By speaking their words into my life, they didn’t come true.


I am me.

I have thoughts and hopes that are mine alone.

Their thoughts of me do not change who I am, they just confuse others of who I am,

But only if the others don’t take the time to really know me.


I am me.

Clothed in shame from who they tried so hard to convince me I was.

They’ve made me question myself and I never got to know my God-given dreams.

However, He’s still there whispering truth to me even in my fog of confusion.


I am me.

I’ve wanted so much to be loved and accepted just for who I am.

But I wasn’t good enough for them.

It was more important for them to degrade and blame me even when I couldn’t possibly be at fault.


I am me.

I learned to retreat into the shadows to avoid the abuse.

But God is calling me to the forefront and I am fearful of stepping into His plans because of their words.

What a sad place to exist.


I am me.

I am liked, cherished, protected, cared for and loved by Him.

Things I have wished for all my life from humans that wanted nothing more than to do the opposite.

Yet I’m fearful of His plans and have lived my life trying to avoid being caught in their sight.


I am me.

I have gifts and talents they tried to lessen.

They aimed their words and actions to silence me and make me feel I was nothing.

But I am so much more than what they think and nothing less than my Creator made me to be.

~ Joanna Lynn


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