I love you

“I Love You” – God

I love you

I Love You – God

I Love You – God’s Love Letter To You

My dearly loved child,

You are so precious to Me and I love you more than you can ever realize. I want to be a part of everything in your life. But I love you so much that I allow you the gift of deciding what you will do and who you will follow. I will never force you to follow Me. That wouldn’t be love. Even before you come to Me, I love you. I’ve provided the Way for you to be with Me forever through My Son, Jesus. When you accept Me into your life, I adopt you into My family. When you come to Me, I will guide you in all you do and I will never leave you. No matter where life takes you or the circumstances you face, I will be with you.

Sometimes those circumstances are very hard. There is so much sin in this world and it often brings pain. I don’t take all those circumstances away, but I’ll be right there with you. Even if you can’t see why these circumstances are happening or how anything good can come from them, I promise that I will use them for good. There is protection and strength in my love. I know what is happening before it even comes to you and I go before you.

Don’t be anxious or fearful of anything that comes your way. The life I have planned for you is better than you can ever imagine. I will provide for you. Gather your strength from Me for My shoulders are strong and My mercy is great. Just like a mother sings over her children, I sing over you. You are perfectly and wonderfully made. I knew you before you were born and formed you Myself in your mother’s womb. You are like a crown of beauty in My hand. There is no one in the world like you. You have a unique story, different from everyone else in the world, with your own voice to tell about it. My child, I have given you gifts to use to make this world a better place.

I am with you always, will always take care of you and always love you. I’ve given you My Spirit to live in you and to guide you. I have also given you My Word, not just as an instruction manual, but so you will know Me and will know My love for you. As you give your life over more and more to Me and depend on Me, You will experience true freedom. Keep my commandments, trust in Me and know I am there. You are My child and I am your Father, no matter what those in this world have told you. Seek Me in all you do and rest in My love all your days and you will find peace in My love and joy in My Spirit.

Nothing can change my love for you.


Your Heavenly Father

Verses on this letter:

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(I felt I was supposed to write this letter several years ago.  When I finally started writing it, I started looking up verses to then put into the letter.  Within a short period of time, I felt God telling me to just write what He put on my heart and then look up verses.  When I did I was shocked that everything I wrote had Scripture to support it – the Scripture listed above. This is truly a love letter from God.  I’ve posted it a couple times on my website, but it keeps coming up as something I’m supposed to send out again.  I hope you take in His love for you.)

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