I Rest

I Rest

Hi, I’m glad we could get back together again today.  We’re inside for the rest of the winter because it’s cold, so grab whatever you’d like and we can sit in the front room.  The sun shines bright into the front window, so we’ll be pretty warm.  It will feel so nice and I rest in knowing you will be comfortable.

I RestLast week was emotionally draining, but it’s over.  I’m not really sure what to take from it all, but I know I did what I was supposed to do and say what I was supposed to say.  I rest in the assurance that the result doesn’t rest on me.  I am only to do what I feel I’m supposed to do and leave the rest in His hands.

The positive that came from it is that I woke up on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day here in America, with the profound thankfulness of knowing Jesus throughout my life (I wrote about it here).  Whenever we do what we know we are to do, we can rest in the fact that the rest depends on Him.  I know I have so much more learning I get to experience throughout my life.  I don’t ever want to be closed off to that learning, but I also know that the ultimate Teacher is Jesus.

Thanksgiving was a great time with my family.  As is tradition, we had dinner at my oldest brother’s place.  This year, we actually ate at their housing addition’s clubhouse.  It was nice.  We all brought our normal food for the holiday and my oldest nephew did the majority of the cooking (he is a chef with a catering company, so is perfect for the job).  It was great food with great conversation.  My mom stayed the weekend with my oldest brother.

Shortly after we got home, my boys’ uncle on their dad’s side came to pick them up to spend the night so they could leave bright and early in the morning for Tennessee to celebrate the holidays with the rest of the family.  This left me with a weekend of quiet and calm.  My middle brother and I had the house to ourselves and Friday, when he was at work, I slept in and caught up on “The Librarians” (somehow I missed all last season).  It’s a fun show.  I’ve also watched several movies (“Unbroken” was one of them – amazing true story movie) and finished up most of the Christmas decorations outside.  We ate out every evening (pizza delivered Friday, McDonald’s Saturday and Zaxby’s tonight).  We took it easy and enjoyed the quiet.  They’ll all be back home tonight.  It was well needed quiet time.

The week ahead is something I’ve looked forward to for a couple months.  I am leaving Thursday to visit my sister friend in Panama City for five days.  It’ll be great just being together and we’ll spend a little time at the beach, too, which is always a plus.  I’m hoping the nightmares will go away while I’m there, but I won’t hold my breath.

So, how was your week?  I’d love to hear what’s been happening in your life.

~ Joanna Lynn

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