I'm Digressing

I’m Digressing

Hello, again.  How are you?  Have you had a good week?   Grab what you’d like to drink and we can visit outside.  It’s not terribly hot, se we can enjoy some fresh air in the shade.

I'm Digressing

Catching Up On My Reading

Since my devices have decided to work this week, I’ve been able to spend more time on my writing and catching up on reading other blogs and meeting new writers.  It’s been quite enjoyable.  There is so much talent out there with so many ways to look at the world.  And some make me laugh so much!  I love to laugh.

Sorry, I’m digressing…

I also did some testing on the product I’ve bought to strip my concrete basement floor.  I’ve decided to strip it all down and then stain the floor.  It looks so good when it’s done and it definitely is a lot cheaper than putting carpet, hardwood or linoleum down.  Plus, it will be so much better if we have water leak in again.  I never would have thought it could look so good for so cheap.  Here’s an example of what I’m going to try to do:  designcastconcrete.com/all-about-concrete-staining-acid-v-acetone-stains/  .  I’m planning to do something like the brown one, not the checkered one.  I’m not that brave!  I think it looks amazing.  Wonder what mine will look like…hope it’s at least close.  One thing I need to remember next time I work on it is to wear the mask.  I was a little on the high side after testing with the solvent…just ask my youngest.  We went to his high school orientation an hour after I finished and I was evidently a bit on the goofy side.  So funny.  Hey, now I at least have a good example of why he shouldn’t do drugs!

I'm Digressing

Again, I’m digressing…

On Thursday, my oldest and I went up to Chicago to stay the night to make it to Beloit, WI, by 9:00 am on Friday for his college tour.  We went to Giordano’s for some pizza for dinner.  Yum!  I won’t be getting the stuffed personal size pizza anymore, though.  They don’t cut the pieces all the way through the crust, for some reason, on the small ones and there also just isn’t enough of that gooey ooey yum you get with the bigger pizzas…the gooey yum that you dream and think about for a LONG time after.  If you haven’t tried Giordano’s stuffed pizza before, you definitely should at some point.  We definitely enjoyed it!  Ok, enough of that!

And…again…I’m digressing…


I'm digressing

Beloit College – Not the best picture

We got to Beloit College and it is a small college with a pretty campus.  The small classes and special houses they had were very appealing to my son.  He especially loved the fantasy and science fiction house – yeah, you read it correctly – I can pretty much envision that house since it probably looks like the boy’s room that was with me only throughout an entire house.

It was a good day, but I left feeling really sad.  We passed the chapel when we were on the campus tour.  The guide told us that, since they’re not a religious college, they don’t use the chapel anymore, except for symposiums several times a year.  I asked him, if the students wanted to go to Christian activities and services, were there options available for them.  He told me that was a great question (Yay!).  He then told us if students wanted to do something religious, they could go to the interfaith club and/or go visit their faculty person who could help them find services or a mosque in the city.  He is a former priest who is now Buddhist.

It made me sad to think that for my son to continue to follow Christ and find others Christians to be with as well, he has to go to a club that involves every belief and value.  Freedom of religion was part of the basis on which our country was founded.  Yet, at this college – as well as increasingly more places – students have to search and go out of their way to try to find someplace to worship and be with others with the same beliefs.  They can only go to something on this campus where all beliefs are present and they have to be willing to put aside their beliefs, if only for the time the club meets, to have, at least, somewhere to POSSIBLY find others with their beliefs.  There’s something wrong when there’s no other choice but an interfaith club to grow in the faith they have chosen.  There were all kinds of different faith clubs at Ball State when I attended and I know those still exist on many campuses.  In my opinion, that’s something every school should offer.

So, that’s been my week with a lot of digressing.  Maybe the fumes are still effecting me.  I’d love to hear about your week.  I’ll read as many as I can on the #WeekendCoffeeShare at the Part Time Monster blog, but I’d also love to hear from others who don’t post there.  I look forward to our time together every week.

~ Joanna Lynn


4 thoughts on “I’m Digressing

  1. I love Giordano’s! It’s a must-go-to place every time I visit family in Chicago. 🙂 I am now thinking of that ooey yummy stuff and I can’t wait to taste it again. 🙂 I’m with you about finding a school where your Christian faith can continue to grow and evolve. I think it is especially important for a college student. I was lucky to go to uni with schools founded on Catholic and even Baptist roots. Christian activities in school helped me develop my relationship with Christ. It’s a great foundation to bank on at such a young age.

  2. Yeah, college is where you ingrain so many adult choices in the way you will live out your life. If you live in a community without God, I believe it’s so easy to think you don’t need Him and life goes on without Him. But when you are able to keep pursuing Him and make Him a part of your daily life, you see Him working in your life and how much more beautiful and alive it is with Him.

  3. I could not agree more with that insight. I wish everyone in college would have an open mind and heart to see that. Most students nowadays think they can do it all on their own. There are those that succeed well enough but has not really acknowledged God in their lives and that’s sad. And those who are already lost should find college as a place to go back to the right path. I’m blessed to witness some young people give their lives to Christ in the two schools I attended. I hope you find the school your son truly needs.

  4. I know the right college is there for him and God will lead us there. Thanks for encouragement.

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