It’s My Life

“It’s My Life”


I ain’t gonna be just a face in the crowd

Despite the very poor grammar, there is something to this line from the great philosopher, Jon Bon Jovi. It can be viewed in different ways. To some it means to make a major change in the world and be remembered. To others it means looking different by wearing different clothes, having their hair many colors and so on. Still others want to walk a different path than they’ve seen others close to them walking. The list goes on and on.


To me, not being another face in the crowd means not being afraid to live my life with confidence in what I know and believe. It means not being afraid to stand tall when I say I am a Christian and I believe He not only created the world itself but He made every person alive because He loves us. It seems so common to hear Christians faltering in what they believe. I’m sure a big part of it is because the Christian faith is chastised so much anymore. It seems we are held to different standards than other people.

The truth is, I do believe Christians should be held to a higher standard because we are representatives and witnesses of Jesus Christ.

We know what it is to be unconditionally loved. We love because He first loved us. By showing and sharing this love to others, they may come to know Him as well. This should be the standard mode of operation for every Christian and it should affect every part of our lives.

I walk in my faith by trying to be kind and to treat those I encounter with respect. I also speak out and write about the fact that every one of us is worthy of being heard and has the right to not be physically or verbally abused. No one should be told they are of no value, stupid or have their appearance torn apart. If someone does do this to you and they refuse to stop or don’t care that it hurts you, you have the right to break off relationship with them (as I’ve said before, if this is a marriage or parent/child relationship then other factors play into this decision and prayer and advice should be sought).  Every person has value and anyone that undermines that or treats you like you’re nothing, in reality, has no right to be in your life and they aren’t anyone you really want to be in it anyway.

As followers of Christ, we shouldn’t be looking down on others and condemning people with haughty indifference and especially not all-out hatred. No, we should love those around us with grace and joy so that they can see the love of God shining through us and want the same for their lives. This doesn’t mean we have to agree with the decisions of others or even condone them. To do so would not be living differently than the crowd. We are called to walk a narrow path.


Aslan On the Path

However, while I believe we’re to be held to higher standards, I also believe that Christians deserve the same rights as others to be treated with respect and love when we walk out our faith or speak about it. So many in the media go on the attack against anything a Christian says and tries to make us seem to be stupid and hateful among other bad traits. This shouldn’t be. Just because some who profess to be Christians act in very hateful and overbearing ways, we can’t and shouldn’t all be grouped together as if we are all this way.   We also can’t expect to be treated with respect or love if we are being anything but this way to others.

But, we also need to be afforded the bad days or decisions as others are allowed.

I am a work in progress, as we all are, and I have rough days and show anger or indifference at times. I hope I can be judged as a person on the whole instead of just the moments when I fail. My hope is that I will also show others that same benefit of the doubt by looking at the whole of how the person is to others rather than a few rough days. Christians are just people who choose to follow Christ and our lives will hopefully continue to change for the better as we continue to allow our hearts to be changed by God. That’s what I want my life to reflect.

“I ain’t gonna be another face in the crowd” because I was made wholly separate from anyone else, as we all were, and I know God has specific plans for me. My life has a covering of hope over it because I know I’m not ever alone. I know He has great plans for me and I pray to seek Him so that I can discover those plans and live them out. By doing this, I also pray that I can share His love with others so that they can live under hope as well.

~ Joanna Lynn

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