Love or Arrogance?




Since the latest Supreme Court ruling, I have noticed a very disconcerting and sad response from so many on both sides. I am not commenting on my beliefs about the decision, just what I have read and heard since. There is so much hatred on both sides.

One side says that the other side is condemned to Hell, God does not love them and they are trying to ruin the country. The other side says that those who do not agree with them are hate mongers and archaic, God is as archaic as they are and they are bigots. I have seen both sides suggesting that they no longer be friends with people on the other side just because of differing beliefs on just this one issue. How is this good? How do these responses bring anyone closer? They don’t.

When everyone is so busy tearing each other down, they aren’t realizing or caring that they are just pushing the other side further away from the beliefs they want them to consider. Where is the love? Tolerance is the word surrounding this issue, yet I have seen nothing but intolerance to anyone with differing opinions.

Here’s what it comes down to: there has to be respect and love towards each other. People are valuable and deserve to be loved and respected no matter who they are or what they believe. These are core desires we have as people and, honestly, it is something we all should be able to expect. Yet they are things we don’t freely give when others disagree with us.

If everyone would take a moment and consider the fact that, at one point or another, we have all held beliefs that we later found out were not right, then, maybe, we would approach each other differently. There is an air of arrogance we show when we approach others as if we have always been on the side of what is right. With arrogance comes contempt; love and respect can never come from contempt.




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