New Ventures

New Ventures

Hi, come on in!  Hurry!  It’s really raining outside and I don’t want you to be soaked.  We just had a baked potato bar lunch.  It was really good and we have some left if you would like one.  My week has been busy, from getting everything ready for my taxes (yes, I filed an extension) to starting a couple new ventures.

New Ventures

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One of my new ventures is that I started driving for Lyft on Thursday.  I’m out and about often and this is something I can do around my family’s schedules and mine.  I also think I finally have the strength and desire to add more to my life.

While the attacks kept coming, I didn’t have the energy or frame of mind to add more to my life.  However, I feel like these attacks are mostly over (I say this with a prayerful heart).  It seems to me that if there are any other residual attacks coming my way from anyone, they won’t feel like a fresh attack.  They will just be more of the same.  They may look and sound a little different, but when I think about them, they all are surrounding the same issue.  Nothing has or probably ever will change.  I felt led to walk away from several relationships and I, eventually, did so.  The attacks and problems that have come since then have mostly been from those who are/were angry by my choice to follow the leading.

So, I’m moving forward.  I was a bit concerned whether I would be a good person to drive people  I don’t know around.  I’m introverted by nature and making small talk is not usually one of my strengths.  However, I do like to hear about other’s lives.  So, I completed all the necessary steps for becoming a driver a couple of weeks ago.  On Thursday, I was looking at the different suggestions of how to be a good driver when I suddenly had a request to drive someone.  I didn’t even realize that I had gone online to receive passengers.  I laughed and accepted the request.  I figured I was supposed to just do it (no, this isn’t a Nike commercial) and stop researching it.

It’s been interesting.  I’ve only taken eight passengers so far, but it’s amazing to see how no matter who people are, their race, gender or socioeconomic status, there are kind people to be found everywhere.  People are just people, no matter who they are or what they do.  If you make a lot of money or hold a high position in the world, you’re no more important than the construction or gas station worker.  I’ve liked meeting the people and I feel like I’m helping them.  Several have said how they only have one car or don’t have a car and ride sharing has been a life saver.  I hope to also show Christ to my passengers by showing them kindness and speaking like I normally do.  If I would normally talk about Jesus, I say it in the vehicle as well.

New VenturesThe second of my new ventures is that I’ve taken a refresher course in general transcription.  I did some transcription in my first full-time job out of college when I worked for a law firm.  I couldn’t type very well at that point, so it took me a long time to complete the work.  That has changed, though.  I can now type quickly and accurately.  I enjoy typing.  I figured this would be a good venture and something I would enjoy.  And, again, it is something I can do anywhere around the crazy life I lead.

Well, that’s been my week.  What’s been happening in your world?  Have you into any new ventures?

~ Joanna Lynn

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4 thoughts on “New Ventures

  1. I like Lyft, and would use it over Uber, but my phone is old and the Lyft app is not compatible …two cool jobs you can control, transcription and driving for Lyft…congratulations on all that!! Thanks for coffee.

  2. Yeah, that’s what I thought. My life is just not one where I could easily maintain it with a 8-5 job (or any real set hours). Thank you!

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