October 6th

October 6th

October 6th

I’ve been looking forward to this time together.  I love hearing what you’ve been up to this week as well as how you’re feeling and what accomplishments you’ve had over the past week.  So, grab a drink and let’s sit for a while.  It’s a bit warm outside, so we’ll stay in for our visit today.

Last week was a week of working in the yard.  There is so much to do, but the front is in pretty good shape.  I, of course, have to cut it again and finish edging some of the garden areas, but I’m happy with it.  The back, unfortunately, is a different story.  The entire back part of the yard is filled with branches that have fallen in all the storms we’ve had this year.  I tried burning them a couple of weeks ago but they just wouldn’t take.  I’m hoping to try again this week.  Then there are all those projects on the inside.  It’s a lot on my plate, plus trying to get this writing thing off the ground and moving forward and all the driving and events to do daily.  I’m just taking it as it comes.

I’ve been really busy, but, when I think about it, I see that I am approaching life on a moment by moment, day by day basis.  I realized it was starting to happen a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t really think about it.  It doesn’t take much to understand that this is a part of the annual ritual that happens around October 6th.  The response is automatic without my even thinking about it.  I realize when I hear October mentioned, I wince.  I stop looking forward in my daily living the closer it gets without even thinking about it.  I do what I need to do and then go to the next thing.

I hate that this is part of my life.  This year will be the 7th anniversary of my husband’s suicide on October 6th.  Once that day is over, I then move on in a normal way of living.  I start to look forward to my youngest’s birthday on October 25th, then my oldest’s on November 6th, moving forward then to Thanksgiving, December birthdays, Christmas and New Year’s.  But October 6th is a stain that starts it all out and it’s awful.  I’m not sure if it will ever stop being like this, but I just keep moving forward.

Anyway, on to something else.  Yesterday my son and I went to the University of Evansville for his audition to hopefully get into their theater program next year.  He felt good about it, but felt like it didn’t go well once he started singing.  He said as soon as he started to sing they all started writing furiously.  He was singing a song in the character of Fester, from the Addams Family.  It is a song called “The Moon and Me” and he does it so well.  He played the part in his high school theater performance and it is my favorite part he has performed, even though he does well in all the performances.

I asked him if he had told them he was singing as Fester (because he sings it in a cracked and warbling voice). He said no and got very upset.  I told him to e-mail them to let them know.  He felt that would make him look like an amateur.  I told him they know he’s not a professional and it can make a difference if he lets them know.  He decided to do so and within 15 minutes he had a response back telling him they knew he was singing in character and thanked him for auditioning.  He felt so much better having been proactive.  I was so proud of him.

So, tell me about your week.  I’d love to hear about it and how you are doing.

~ Joanna Lynn

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4 thoughts on “October 6th

  1. I wish I could visit you or bring you somewhere on ‘the day’ so you can forget about it and wake up the next day. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope it gives you comfort to know that you are brave enough to have gone through seven years and that the following years, I hope, will move towards healing more than hurting. Good luck to your son, i hope he gets into the theater program. Have a great week ahead 🙂

  2. Hello sister. I am so very sorry for your tragic loss. I will pray the Lord comforts you on October 6th and always.

    I am so sorry for what he did to you, even that which you did not know about for awhile. Thank you for sharing this and being so brave.

    I hope your son gets into the program! Not sure if you mean Evansville, Indiana. I live in Indiana as well.

    God bless you!

  3. Thank you. It ‘s not been fun, but God has been here with me through it all.

    And, yes, I’m talking about Evansville, IN.

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