Say Yes

Say Yes

Say Yes

More Yeses Than No’s = A Full Life

“Say yes and you’ll figure it out afterwards.”

Tina Fey

  1. There is something so exciting and yet so dangerous about this quote.  To step into something without knowing all the facts, how it will work out or where it will take you intrigues me more than just a little.
  2. In essence, this is describing taking a big leap of faith.
  3. I am not a planner by nature.  My days can usually be described as tackling things as they come my way, most of which are unplanned.  It’s something I’m comfortable doing. I don’t generally stress out about many things (except when small issues and problems come at me one after the other in a short period of time, then I get irritable and frustrated), but there is very little that happens in my days that is dramatic or life changing.  A better way to say it is that I don’t have many people coming up to me often with an “opportunity of a lifetime” or “experiences you just can’t pass up”.  I’m not sure what I would do if they did.
  4. One of my friends does as this quote suggests with such flare that it looks like the most natural thing she should be doing.  These aren’t small things either.  She feels led to do or pursue something for her family, prays about it and then she will say yes.  It’s amazing to watch and see everything fall into place eventually.  This isn’t saying she doesn’t meet many obstacles along the way in certain pursuits, but she just keeps going until what felt led to say yes to is accomplished.  I believe her life and the lives of her family members are so much richer for her living life this way.
  5. I don’t know how often I do this in my life.  I guess it depends who you are and what type of life you lead as to what you consider a leap of faith.  My mom looks at my life and has often said I just do whatever comes my way without worrying about it in the process.  I’m a single mom of two and don’t have much choice in doing this daily.  She’s been a stay-at-home mom who’s never driven, so what I do in the course of most days are things she’s never done.  It doesn’t make my life the better choice or all that dramatic, it just makes mine seem a bit more chaotic and possibly overwhelming to someone who hasn’t done it on a regular basis.  So, comparisons to others are not the way to decide whether you live your life by stepping into faith.
  6. I’ve started really watching people and their lives.  I’ve been amazed to see how the little decisions made everyday build into new opportunities and challenges.  In so many ways, we don’t see the advancements we make in our lives, but most of us can look back and see how far we’ve changed from where we were a year, two or more ago. Small changes aren’t as foreboding but they are still small leaps of faith.
  7. I think Hebrews 11:1 sums up the purpose and promise in taking leaps of faith – saying yes and figuring it out afterwards –  “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” (NIV).  We all have hopes, some may be big and some small, but taking leaps of faith is necessary to fully realize our hopes.  It all comes to overcoming our fears and moving forward toward what waits for us.

~ Joanna Lynn

2 thoughts on “Say Yes

  1. I love how you related faith to saying Yes. I think every decision we have ultimately leads us to believing that we can do everything with God’s guidance. When I plan and control over it, I often find more disappointments, but when I allow certain things to get through, to change parts of the plan, that takes a lot of faith and it oftentimes end up more beautifully.

  2. I thought for sure I had replied to you. Oh, well. It’s not showing up if I did. Anyway, I agree wholeheartedly.

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