Shadow of a Doubt

“Do you know that Jesus loves you beyond a shadow of a doubt?” It’s a question that was recently posed to me. I don’t have to even think about my answer. Yes..emphatically yes! I believe the more appropriate question to ask me is if I fully hold on to Jesus’ love. Do I hold it closely in my heart? That gives me pause because I know, without a doubt, that Jesus loves my mind. However, my heart’s broken pieces have a hard time…well…taking it to heart. Let me explain.

Shadow of a Doubt

Where I Get My Strength

God’s love is the reason I’ve had the strength to make it through everything that has happened in my life. There have been too many instances to count where He’s protected me. I’ve felt His presence with me and I know He will never leave me no matter what happens. I’ve also always held on to the fact that no matter what happens here on earth, I will be with Him in Heaven when my life is over.

But I haven’t applied His love fully to the here and now. My counselor asked what I believed Jesus was doing after I discovered the newest infidelity. I told her I believed Jesus told me He loved me, that He was sorry my husband chose to do this and I felt He was holding me. She then asked me where the disconnect was happening if I truly felt Jesus was there for me when my heart was breaking.

I thought about it for a moment and began to talk. It was somewhat of a moment of discovery for me as well. I told my counselor that my strength has come from the knowledge of His love. So many people tell me I’m strong, but I’m not. It’s all Him. He’s protected me from any serious harm, but two questions have embedded themselves into my heart. These questions are most likely the reasons my heart built what a young girl thinks are protections. The questions that come to mind so often are:

  1. “I know You love me so much, but why is there always another person waiting in line to be abusive?”
  2. Why can’t there be some freedom from the abuse?”

Why Won’t the Abuse Stop?

I decided since the abuse kept happening and more abusers kept coming into my life. there had to be something about me that God wanted me to change. That must be why He kept allowing abusers and abuse into my life. I clearly needed to figure out what was wrong with me before the abuse would stop. I also became convinced the reason for me being on Earth was to be God’s example of what mediocrity looked like in a person. I believed this because my abusers were always so clear that there was nothing I did that was good enough. I felt I was an example that even someone with no gifts or purpose still had value and was loved by God.

Shadow of a Doubt

I know that these negative thoughts about God are nowhere near the truth. I know this in my mind without question, but since I came to these “conclusions” early on, I’ve based much of my life around them. They have wound themselves around so many strands of my beliefs and have become ingrained in me. I’m not exactly sure how to release them.

It’s miserable living with the belief that there is something wrong with you but having no idea what it is. It’s even worse believing that God’s love is so much less than it really is. Real hope and security come from knowing Him and understanding His love for us without a shadow of a doubt. I’m truly missing out of the fullness of this hope and security. As I find freedom, I pray, above all, that I find this truth.

Have you created alternate truths so you could continue living in a rough situation?

~ Joanna Lynn

7 thoughts on “Shadow of a Doubt

  1. You are many things but mediocre is not one of them. You are a shining light. You help me every time you post. As to attracting abuse, sorry but yes, you do. Let me explain. So did I. I complained to my counselor that I felt like I had “ABUSE ME” tattooed to my forehead. He touched his nose, as in “you hit it on the nose.” He helped me understand that I knew how to interact with abusers so that’s who I gravitated toward. Not because I wanted it or because God wanted it to happen to me. It was a habit, a well learned habit. I had to break the habit. God gave me a counselor, the third one, who helped me learn to interact with people differently. I learned to recognize subtle abusive behavior sooner. It’s practice. You are learning. Give yourself time, like you’d give to someone you care about. You are so loved and so awesome Jesus died for you. Yes, that’s one of the things I used to help me change my thinking. The Savior of the world loved me so much He died for me. There is nothing I can do that will take that love away. Nothing. He has already won the battle. We just need to stay true to Him. Keep fighting for you.

  2. Thanks, Judy. The problem is that my dad was the first abuser and my youngest son is the latest abuser. I don’t stand for it with my son, but his mood problems lean toward bipolar like his dad and grandpa evidently dealt with. I’m trying to teach him a better way to live, but it’s hard not to let it beat me up sometimes. I’m glad I help you, as you do for me. Since you’ve been writing about the healing process you’re going through, have you felt like you had more “attacks” coming at you or problems? I definitely have had them multiply quite a bit.

  3. Yes! Just had a “slap in the face.” Family members have made it clear they don’t believe me. It’s infuriating and disheartening. I don’t think they realize how much they’ve damaged our relationship. I allowed myself to be angry until I was ready to acknowledge I was hurt. I’m trying really hard to give it to God. I figure it’s a good sign I’m headed in the right direction because the adversary doesn’t want me to go toward God. “Give the battle to God and praise God in the storm.” I say it over and over to myself. Sometimes I believe it more than others. Practice. As long as I keep turning to God I’m headed in the right direction. Keep fighting for you. I’m off on my adventure in a few hours. I’ll be praying for you.

  4. I have fought family about believing me and relationships for years. It no longer bothers me. I know they’re just trying to keep their world the same so they don’t
    Have to face truths or make changes, regardless if their world is abusive. Change is too hard for many, even for a healthier life. You’ll get through it. Enjoy yourself immensely.

  5. ‘It’s miserable living with the belief that there is something wrong with you but having no idea what it is.”

    This. It is excruciating on the heart and makes it so difficult to trust God. Thankfully, He gives us the grace we need to be pulled out of that. It may even always be a daily battle. That’s why Psalm 34:18 is so important to me.

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