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What do you see in this picture? My friend sent it to me and I thought it was a pin or an earring. My son thought it was a necklace. It is a snowflake! An actual snowflake sat on her coat and didn’t melt for a long enough time that they were able to take a picture of it. I couldn’t believe it. It looks to have been meticulously crafted by a skilled artist.

I knew snowflakes were six-sided, but I had no idea they were three-dimensional. That probably points out my naiveté, but I’ve always seen examples of snowflakes as flat. Remember the snowflakes we used to make as kids in class? We folded paper, made cuts all over the paper, then voilà, we have snowflakes all looking very different just like real snowflakes. Needless to say, this picture captivated me. I was in awe and still am.

The Science of Snowflakes

So I did a little research on snowflakes. I’m going to let the websites I found explain the process since they do a great job of doing so. Here is a short article showing some cool 3D pictures. And here is a YouTube video that shows real-time examples of how snowflakes are formed. From my research, I found that most fully formed snowflakes are 2D. 3D snowflakes come when they meet other drops of water and change into different types of snow.

I found myself wanting to see more snowflakes, which is odd since I absolutely hate cold weather. But nature fascinates me. The creation of a snowflake and what shape it will become is dependent on going through different levels of atmospheric temperature changes. There are different variables that determine what type of precipitation we receive, such as, fluffy snow, packing snow, rain, sleet, etc. There are so many variables that have to be just right for each type.

Intricacies of Life

I can’t begin to imagine that everything in nature all just happened. It’s beyond comprehension. This was a perfectly planned and created universe by a Skilled Artist. When I look at the different shapes, designs and the perfection of a snowflake, it is proof to me that this world was designed. But what really captured my attention with seeing this picture was that if God put that much attention in making the atmosphere and variables perfect for making such intricate snowflakes, how much more did he put into making each of us? A snowflake comes and goes, but we are living, breathing human beings that interact with the earth and each other. We matter and what we do every day, moment by moment, has an impact.

There are so many nuances that make us different from each other, but the fact that we are alive and function is the result of perfectly laid out plans that can only be explained by creation. It’s easy to see where we all come from as babies, but where did all the perfect parts and atoms and matter come from? There is no way I can see that anything on this earth just happened from nothing. Science only strengthens my belief in God. Each of us are formed in such a way that not only supports life but also supports thinking, feeling and interacting. Each one of us means something and we are beautiful, just like these snowflakes.

I am in awe. I see such purpose in this tiny snowflake in how it was formed. How much more purpose can we have? We are much more intricately made and we have the added dimension of a soul. We make decisions all day long and we often dream when we’re sleeping. Our minds don’t just shut down when we sleep. There are always thoughts running rampant in our brains.

This little snowflake obviously had a great impact on me. Life is a work of art by the most Skilled Artist. He created each of us for a purpose. Unfortunately, some use their lives to tear others down to the point that they actually contemplate and believe that they don’t count or matter. There’s nothing further from the truth. Each and every life that comes into being, from the very beginning, has purpose and meaning. If you ever doubt it, think of this little snowflake and the masterpiece that it is. You are so much more.

~ Joanna Lynn

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