Spamalot Weekend

Spamalot Weekend

Hi!  Welcome again.  Glad you could come by to spend some time together.  Grab something you would like to drink and I have some Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Caramel squares or Dark Chocolate and Mint squares.  Please feel free to take some and come join me.  I’m sorry it’s so late, but this has been my Spamalot Weekend and I’ve been gone most of it.

Spamalot WeekendMy oldest was in his last play of his high school career.  It was, as you probably guessed, Monty Python’s Spamalot.  He was Sir Galahad.  My boy was beyond happy they did this play and had so much fun.  He is an avid Monty Python fan and this was like he’d been granted a wish.  It was hysterical and I enjoyed all three of the performances.  It was a bit sad to see his last performance today along with his being recognized at the end of the show as being one of the seniors.  It’s bittersweet.  I hope he finds more theater performances to be a part of in the future.  I’ve watched him in shows since he was in preschool.  The stage has always been his happy place.

The other part of my Spamalot weekend really happened late Thursday night, so I’m going to include it.  It was quite creepy.  I’ll give you the background first and then go into the creepiness.  On my personal Facebook page, when I had my relationship status listed as “widow” I would receive two or three friend requests from guys I didn’t know.  It really got old, so I thought about changing my status to “in a relationship”, but didn’t want to lie and really didn’t want to have to explain that I really wasn’t in a relationship and why I had stated I was to those who knew me.  So, I decided to leave it blank.  Now that I have done this, the requests have gone down to two or three requests a month.  It’s so odd to have people trolling single women on Facebook for God knows what reason.

The week before last, I received a friend request from someone with the same name as one of my cousins.  So, I accepted the request.  Very shortly after, I received a message from him telling me I had a beautiful smile, thanked me for accepting his request and asking me how I was.  When I’ve mistakenly confirmed a request in the past, I simply ignored any chats that were sent and they stopped trying to make contact.  It seemed to have worked the same way with this guy.  However, Thursday night another message came in from him and, seriously, this is what he wrote:

“I don’t know why you choose not to chat with me but in the name of Jesus you will start chatting with me. Amen.”

CREEPY, right?!!!  I actually read this three times thinking I surely had not read what I just thought I’d read.  However, after the third read through, the words did not change.  I was stunned.  While I was reading the message, he evidently saw me online and tried to chat with me again.  I quickly blocked him so that he could no longer try to communicate with me.

I have no idea what he was thinking.  He either thought I was satan and needed rebuking in Jesus’ name or he realized I was a Christian by reading my posts and thought this would help convince me to start chatting with him.  My sister friend said that maybe he thought that if Jesus was on board that I would get on board, too.  He was wrong.

Anyway, that was my weekend, how was yours?  Did you have any creepy or interesting encounters?  Did you see something entertaining?  I’d love to hear from you.

~ Joanna Lynn

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5 thoughts on “Spamalot Weekend

  1. I have had friend requests from guys I don’t know saying I have a beautiful smile and I am listed as married and my posts are full of family stuff! They just try anyone …. 🙃🐻

  2. Sea Salt and caramel squares sound wonderfully delicious! As for social media, it is a great tool but it certainly can open up a world of nightmares. Great post, thanks for sharing.

  3. Yeah. People amaze me in what they think is appropriate or that they don’t care if it’s appropriate. Oh, well, it gives us good stories to tell, I guess.

  4. Ick! It’s really sad to think what they’re lives must be like that they have to do stuff like that.

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