Test of Character

Test of Character

“A true test of character isn’t how you are on your best days, but how you act on your worst days.”


  1. Test of CharacterI remember someone I really admired.  They were kind, caring, funny and so on.  Then a time came when something didn’t get done the way they wanted.  A completely different person emerged.  They were so ugly.  They were brutal and didn’t seem to care who saw or heard them.  They totally obliterated the other person and made no apologies about it.  I found it so surprising when they were shocked the next time the two were together and the injured party met them with a cool reception.  They actually believed the injured person was being rude and that they had done nothing to deserve such a reception.
  2. No matter what good you do or how much of an impact you have had on someone, it only takes one horrible response or attack on someone in a rough time to destroy any trust that has been built.
  3. The way you respond to someone in a rough time is based on all the choices, both good and bad, that you make every single day.   You can’t live your everyday life one way with those you love and expect to treat others differently when you’re out in public.
  4. Treating others with respect and care in all circumstances, is the greatest test of character.

~ Joanna Lynn

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