Thinking Time

Thinking Time

Thinking Time

Hi!  So glad to be spending time with you again.  It’s a little cooler outside but still really nice.  So, grab a drink and we’ll go out to sit on the front porch.  It’ll be perfect chatting weather.

This week has been so long for some reason.  It was jam-packed to the point there was little time to think.  That is sometimes a good thing, but I’m tired.  However, we had nothing planned for today other than church, so there has been a lot of relaxing.  I’m going to also take some pain meds for the tightness in my shoulders and neck that are causing a major headache.  I’m sure relief will come soon.

It’s been nice not having a lot of thinking time, but this also means my nightmares have been majorly active.  I’m ready for the seven-year anniversary of my husband’s suicide to be over.  The dreams always get bad and active around this time and they usually last for a bit after the anniversary on a nightly basis, seemingly all night long.  Nightmares have been a part of my life since a few days before his suicide, when everything fell apart, but they aren’t usually every night and all night.  When I have no time to rest and think, they’re worse.  I believe it’s my brain processing what I can’t process when I’m awake.  This Thursday is the anniversary.  But my youngest is on Fall break, so we’ll plan something fun for that day.

The majority of time on my blog has been spent accepting a blogging award and a three day challenge, while getting the opportunity to recognize some amazing bloggers that I enjoy reading.  You can check those posts out here:

I started to work on stripping my basement floor of paint and epoxy yesterday.  After several hours working in a room roughly 4′ x 6′ room, I decided I needed to find a better stripping agent.  To be honest, I’m pretty sure the tightness and headache are coming from that time.  I definitely was a little loopy after doing it, even though I wore a good mask.  When I first decided to start the job, I tried some spray stripping agent and it worked amazingly.  However, for the amount of work I have to do, I’ll be bankrupt getting all the floor completed.  I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

So, how have you been?  Was last week crazy or a bit more relaxing with thinking time for you?

I’m off to fill-out the FAFSA form to see what kind of financial aid we can get for my oldest to go to college next year.  Should be fun.

~ Joanna Lynn

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2 thoughts on “Thinking Time

  1. You must – must – must take a lil time for yourself! Absolutely understand that you are superbusy and have alot on your plate, but you HAVE to take care of YOU!

    Big hugs, and I will be thinking good thoughts all week, especially on Thursday!

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