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Hi, I’m Joanna Lynn. For those of you who check in on my blog regularly, I am taking a couple “classes” for writing and blogging and they prompt us with what to write about and ask us to post it to our blog. So, this is the reason for some of the upcoming posts.

I am the single mom of two teenage boys and my mom also lives in our home.  I am a Christian and love God with everything in me.  I love to walk, hike, create, spend time with my family and friends but I am also recharged completely by time alone.  Watching movies and reading books are great relaxers for me and they are the perfect way for me to recharge and escape for a little while.

I’m writing this blog because I felt it was something God wanted me to do. I’ve lived my life in somewhat of a cocoon most of my life. It is a different kind of cocoon than you probably first imagined when you read it. My cocoon is one that I built to protect myself from some of the people in my life, and not for being protected from the outside world.

I have been on a journey of healing from a lifetime of abuse and a marriage filled with addiction and infidelity that ended in suicide for the one I loved. I have been through years of counseling. Unfortunately, I couldn’t begin to really heal until I had walked away from some relationships that kept me in the place of feeling I needed to protect myself. There seemed to be attacks that came out of the blue at any given time so I never knew what to expect. It is not anyway to live. There is no peace and it really isn’t living to constantly be on guard with walls up.

I felt I was supposed to walk through this journey in a public way because there may be even one person who will feel like they’re not alone in the journey they are walking. I feel God is telling me that by walking this public walk, I can speak into the lives of others and bring some redemption to the life I’ve lived. I pray I can point others to God. He’s the only reason I have made it through everything and I’m as “normal” as I am.



2 thoughts on “This Is Me

  1. Hi. I like your straightforward introduction to yourself and your reason for blogging. I’m sure you are reaching and helping others as well as healing yourself. (PS. Is that the 7-mile bridge in your header?)

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