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The Holy Lands

If I could spend the day with one fictional character I would choose the Tenth Doctor on Doctor Who. How fun would that be? I’d be able to go anywhere in time and space and I’d have the cutest Doctor with which to travel. He’s also quite funny and entertaining as well as “clever”, as he often says.

Now, where would I go? Let’s see. Well, one time they ventured to a place that was like Hell and combated a beast that was like satan. So, I think I’d like to go to a place that is like Heaven. I would love to get a preview of the real thing. I know it wouldn’t be perfect, since it’s not really Heaven, but I’m sure it would be spectacularly beautiful.  I doubt “Doctor Who”, the show, would ever cover this kind of story, but wouldn’t it be amazing?!

But if I couldn’t go to a place like Heaven, I would choose to go to the Holy Lands at the time of Jesus’ birth and His ministry. I just listened to a story that included the story of Jesus’ birth. Wouldn’t that be amazing to see the multitude of angels appearing and praising Him? I don’t know how you could even walk or breathe after this encounter, but the shepherds did. So, we would then go with the shepherds to the stable under the brilliant star. Try to picture the brightest, most brilliant star, that looks unlike any other star, hanging over the place where Jesus lay like a spotlight. However, none of this would compare to seeing baby Jesus in the manger.

I can picture this night because my oldest and I went to the Holy Lands and Egypt three-years-ago. I had an encounter with God at the place of his birth. When we were in the Church of the Nativity, down where they believe Jesus was born, the gaudy church fell away and I was seeing that scene. I couldn’t believe it. It was amazing! I started to cry and it took a long time before I could gain control again. To be in the midst of the real thing, though, would trump this vision overwhelmingly.

After this venture, I would want to make our way to the time when Jesus ministry was in full swing. To see Him, touch Him, watch and listen to Him – I can’t think of anything better. I would soak it in and hopefully be just like Mary, the sister of Martha, and sit at Jesus’ feet wanting nothing more than to be in His presence.

The icing on the cake is that all of this would minister to The Doctor, to the point that He’d know that He wasn’t the ultimate authority, as He claims to be throughout the show. He could still do all the things he can do, but with a different outlook.

(Don’t get me wrong, I love Doctor Who and I know it’s all make-believe, but wouldn’t that be so cool?)

~ Joanna Lynn


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