Weekend Coffee Share 5/15/16

Weekend Coffee Share

Steps That Count

Hi, again.  I’m so glad we can get together so you can have some coffee and I can have some hot chocolate.  The best part is that we can have some time to catch up.

This week I would have to tell you that after reading a blog post (the site is no longer available), I came to the realization that I have a really unhealthy relationship with my Fitbit.

Let me explain.  Last weekend my youngest and I volunteered at the Mini Marathon for the Indy 500.  We were working at K-Love’s (Christian radio station) pit stop giving out water to the participants as they passed us.  As my son and I got out of my vehicle to walk to the work area, I noticed that I didn’t have my Fitbit on.  In that second of realization, I actually stopped moving and it honestly crossed my mind, for a moment, that I should go back home to get it before I took too many steps.

Evidently, in my head, I have associated the amount of steps my Fitbit says I’ve taken with the only steps that count.  That is messed up!  I have allowed a little, plastic piece of digital-ware to control of me.  Wow!  You wouldn’t, by chance, have the same issue, would you?  Please?  Someone?  Anyone?

On to something else.  This is getting embarrassing.

If we were having coffee/cocoa, I would tell you about going to my friend Joni’s (she’s really more like my sister) graduation.  She received her Master’s degree from Liberty University.  I’m so proud of her.  She’s an amazing lady who makes a real difference in this world.  Joni’s family was there as well as my sweet friend, Kelly, and her husband.

It was a rather amazing graduation in that Willie Robertson, Randall Wallace, Mel Gibson, Vince Vaughn and Rashad Jennings (the keynote speaker) all spoke during the ceremony.  No, really!!!  I have pictures.  Still don’t believe me!  Fine.  Here’s a picture of Mel and Vince – yeah, we’re not really on a first name basis – ok, they actually don’t know me at all – but…

Weekend Coffee Share

Mel and Vince

Anyway, we had a great time together – even though none of us had eaten much at all, gone to the bathroom for hours and were also tired!  If you knew all of us, you would realize how much of a miracle that really was!  When we got back to Kelly’s house, her husband made us an over-the-top dinner with Fat Boy sandwiches for dessert (that is very important to mention because even with all the fabulous food he had prepared, all he could talk about was the Fat Boys!). If that tells you anything, you know how much we laughed all night.

Along that line, I have to tell you a story.  When the ceremonies were over, we were walking back to where we had parked.  I was in a different parking area, so we separated at a point in our walk.  It started to rain, so I decided to get on the shuttle.  It started to pour, the wind picked up and there was even some hail (so I was told – they didn’t catch a shuttle and were soaked).  I can’t say I made the better choice, though, because I was stuck in the bus for at least 55 minutes – but I was dry.

My phone had died, so when I charged the phone and it came back on, it started buzzing like crazy.  I had no clue what was happening.  I thought it had to be my son making sure he could do what he had planned for the night.  But, no, it was Joni.  She was worried because she didn’t know why I hadn’t arrived at Kelly’s house yet.  It was very sweet…for about a minute…and then she went into parent mode, complete with THE LOOK.  She told me they had been only five minutes away from getting back in their car and going to find me.

Then she went into hyper mode.  She started to tell me all the terrible scenarios she had in her head of what could happen.  Then she added to it that she was worried I was one of THOSE people (and she clarified that she definitely meant to categorize me in this THOSE people category) who don’t have a clue what anyone’s number is and that I could have fallen in a puddle (GASP!) and wouldn’t know how to get ahold of anyone (specifically her).  I couldn’t help it.  I laughed – HARD!  I had to repeat the horrific possibility of falling into a puddle and point out the implausibility that falling into said puddle would in anyway end in a circumstance where I would need to know her number.  Oh the look on her face.  It was hysterical!

I then recited her area code and nothing else, and it only got worse from there.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  She, of course, was laughing (smiling – in the loosest of terms), too.  The issue has continued on through today while we’re in different states.

I love that girl!  She makes me laugh.

Well, that’s a taste of my week.  What’s been going on with you?

~ Joanna Lynn

(Disclaimer – Lauren Eph doesn’t mention she has this same issue.  She was under the weather and didn’t meet her Fitbit goal.  She’s most likely doesn’t lean to the crazy side like I do.  I simply read her post and it triggered the memory.  So, of course, I wrote about it.)

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  1. I’m certain you’re not the only one with that FitBit problem… I’m right there with ya. 😉 Glad you had a good time in VA!

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