What Could Happen


What Could Happen

How Do You See It?

  1. I will be honest, I hate these things.  I have been at war with them this year.  They are hardy things and when the seeds appear on them, all I can see is exponentially more dandelions in my yard next year.  However, I love the idea behind the saying. How do I choose to see the weeds in my life?  It’s an important question.  What could happen if I tried to look at the problems in my life differently?
  2. I remember loving to blow these seeds all over the place when I was a kid.  I was able to do this because I didn’t know the problems associated with them.
  3. In a very real way, isn’t knowing the potential problems that could arise keep us from being open to living our lives fully?
  4. What could happen if we approached the weeds (problems) that pop up as we work toward accomplishing something like that little child with the dandelion seeds?  What if we looked past what could go wrong and, instead, enjoy the ride.
  5. It is amazing to me how one day the dandelion can be a yellow flower and the next it is white with seeds.  It changes so it can become more.  One plant can have several flowers with an abundance of seeds from each. I have heard that one dandelion plant can take over your entire lawn if given time.  It is a great representation of what we should do.  We make a difference by just being ourselves, but our lives hold no real significance if we don’t speak into others’ lives so they can shine and speak into even more lives.
  6. When I researched dandelions, I realized that I have misjudged them. It turns out dandelions are SO beneficial.  Every part of the plant can be used.  Evidently they are eaten in various ways both raw and cooked.  They can be made into juices, coffee and even wine.  They are high in both Vitamin A and K and can also be used medicinally.  I even read that parts of it can be used to make dyes.  That is a far cry from just being a weed.  I realize the we sometimes do the same when we overlook who a person is just by first impressions or a few encounters with them?
  7. I hear about people who make dandelion bouquets to sit on their desks.  They are bright and a beautiful yellow.  But what if the bouquet served as a reminder of what could happen?  What if, instead of seeing a bunch of weeds, you looked at it as a representation of the endless possibilities it represented?
What Could Happen

Dandelion Bouquet

I will never look at dandelions the same way again…but I still don’t want them in my yard.  Maybe I’ll make a bouquet out of the harvest in my neighbor’s yard.

~ Joanna Lynn

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