A Quiet Week

A Quiet Week

It’s good to get together with you again this week.  We definitely need to sit outside today.  It’s now 77ºF but it feels like 72ºF with an amazing soft breeze.  I took my Newfoundland/Retriever for a walk, a rare event in the summer with this beautiful dog with his long, thick fur.  He’s a beautiful, isn’t he?  That’s my Lucas.  I sure do love him.

A Quiet Week


I don’t have as much to share this week as the week before.  It’s been a quiet week here but odd.  There appears to be something going around where people just keep getting sick.  My youngest was supposed to go to an Eagle Scout Court of Honor last Sunday for two of his troop friends, but he got sick right before we walked into church.  He then got sick again at the end of church.  So, he came home and went to sleep.  He was bummed, but I’m sure all the people involved would be quite upset if I’d let him go.

That was a rough day for him, but on Tuesday night, my mom started commenting how cold she was and she said she was shaking ( I thought she just meant so cold she was shivering).  However, when she started getting sick, she came back to take her temperature and her hands were literally shaking, to the point she had a hard time actually getting the ear thermometer in her ear.  It was bad.  The next day, my oldest told me he wasn’t feeling the very best and it started the night before.  Then my mom talks to my oldest brother who tells her that he felt so bad the night before that he laid down for an hour or so and woke up the next morning.  She talked to a few others later in the week and was told the same thing.  I don’t know what was in the air in Indianapolis Tuesday night, but it seemed to effect quite a few people.  Very odd, but all but the oldest are feeling completely fine now.  He’s not in his bed sick.  I think all the rain is bothering him.  I wish people didn’t have to be sick for it to be a quiet week.

A Quiet Week

Too Much Money

I’m beginning to fully understand why I’m not enjoying eating out or picking up food anymore.  For one, it’s a LOT of money.  Nothing is cheap anymore.  I ordered pizza and it was supposed to be done by 7:33 pm.  At 7:44, they told us they had burned the cheese, so it would be another six minutes.  When the six minutes was up, it wasn’t ready for another five minutes.  Then, they made us two pepperoni pizzas instead of one sausage and one pepperoni, so it was another 20 minutes.  Ugh.  It was good, though, and I got a good price for everything I bought, but I’m just not enjoying dealing with restaurants anymore.  Anyone else feel this way?

Other than getting some much needed work done around the yard, after way too much rain, it’s been a quiet week.  How has your week been?  Did you have anything interesting happen or was your week pretty quiet as well?

~ Joanna Lynn

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  1. Little bit under the weather myself here on my side of the globe. We are looking into another rainy week. Hope everyone else gets better in your house. Get plenty of fluids and fruits. 🙂 God bless your week.

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