All the Heat

All the Heat

All the Heat

Way Too Much Heat

Welcome back for another Weekend Coffee Share!  I’m so glad we have time together again over whatever you’d like to drink.  I’ll probably have a Coke or a cold glass of lemonade or water.  It is now at 91º with a heat index of 108º!!!  We are under a major heat advisory.  Fortunately, the A/C is working wonderfully and the heat should break a little this week, so all is good.

This week has been a pretty quiet one but busy.  The heat has been so killer that the energy level for all of us just wasn’t there.  I had lunch with a great friend on Monday.  She lives in Kokomo and I am in Indianapolis, so we take turns driving to each others’ city to talk like crazy with some food thrown in there, too.  This was my time to drive up to her, which always makes my family very happy.  It’s not because I’m out of the house for a long time…at least I don’t think that’s it…maybe that’s part of it…but I KNOW  they are happy because I stop by an Amish Market during my travels.  Our favorite is all the bread.  I usually come home with six loaves (white, cracked wheat and cinnamon swirl – this time they only had one loaf of white, so we tried oat this time).  Just a simple treat I can bring home for my family.  If it can’t be homemade, Amish-made works perfectly!  I’ll take the Amish baking for us this week rather than dealing with the heat!

Oh, guess what?  I figured out what I was allergic to a couple of weeks ago – Gold Bond lotion (or maybe all the products – I don’t plan to find out).  It makes sense now why I’ve felt like I’ve fought a cold every few days for a couple of years.  I had Gold Bond lotion in my car, which was evidently messing with my breathing.  So, I started feeling better if I didn’t drive for a day or two or didn’t use the lotion when I was driving.  The real problem came when I started occasionally using another Gold Bond lotion at home.  It evidently kicked whatever I’m allergic to in the lotions up enough notches to turn my face into what resembled a puff pastry with some type of red fruit filling, only not as appetizing.  I am breathing so much better than I have in such a long time.  That is so amazingly positive!  I’m also glad that the allergic reaction didn’t happen this week with all the heat!

So, tell me about your week.  Really!  I would love to hear what’s going on with you.  I hope I’ll have more time this week to read a lot more blog posts than I was able to this last week.

(Oh, did I forget to tell you about the heat…?)

~ Joanna Lynn

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3 thoughts on “All the Heat

  1. I am happy about finding what you are allergic to. I buy all scent free soaps, tissues etc. as I allergic to a lot of scents. I usually break outvin hives. Heat index 108 degrees Fahrenheit, it hard to get anything done in that kind of weather.

  2. Glad you got your allergy issue under control! It’s been really hot here in New Orleans, too, so we’ve been hiding indoors as much as possible!

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