Beverage of Choice

Beverage of Choice

Beverage of Choice

Hot Chocolate Is My Beverage of Choice

I’m glad we were able to get together this week.  While we enjoy our beverage of choice, I’d tell you that I feel like I’m having a time of blessing these past few weeks.  I was able to see my friend’s graduation and Mel Gibson was thrown into the party.  I had some time to myself during the travel time and found my love for music again.  And I won two tickets to the Indy 500 Festival Parade (which is sold out as everything is since it’s the 100th running of the race this year).

My son is really looking forward to the parade and I thought it was the first one I’d attended, but, when I was reading about the bands that would be included in the parade, I remembered that I was IN the parade with the John Marshall HS band my freshman year.  I thought about why I would forget such a prominent thing in my life…until I was watching the parade.  After seeing all the bands go by in those horrible polyester uniforms, I remembered when I was marching, those many years ago, that I was near passing out by the end of it.  I’m guessing that tis why I pushed it out of my thoughts.  It wasn’t something that brought up the best memories, but it’s cool to look back on and know that I was a part of it once.

If we were having our beverage of choice, I would tell you that after the parade, we picked up my oldest child and went to Ritter’s for ice cream.  On the way “Love Stinks” by the J. Grips Band came on. When I was listening to it, it made me think of the other songs with the same message, “Love Hurts” by Nazareth and “Love Bites” by Def Leppard.  I realized I didn’t own “Love Bites”, so I pulled up iTunes.  I found out I didn’t own the song because iTunes don’t offer the actual song from their “Hysteria” album.  I could get the live version from them and a cover band’s version of it but not the version I was looking for.  What I found the most amazing was that I could, however, buy the lullaby version of the song!  Yes, a version of the song that you can play to help your children go to sleep.  I laughed.  I couldn’t believe it.  Then I thought about how sad it was to lullaby your child to sleep with a song called “Love Bites”.

(Just as an FYI, I don’t believe love bites or stinks, but I know, without a doubt, that it can hurt much too deep.)

If we were having a beverage of choice, I would have to tell you that I never thought I was going to get my last post (Fear Builds Walls) written.  I spent quite a bit of time writing part of it while waiting to pick up my oldest from school and saved it.  When I went back to it later that night, all my work was gone.  The next day, I went to work on it again and throughout the few hours I was working on it, I would write something and save it and then it would disappear. This happened over and over.  I honestly felt it was under attack or WordPress just wasn’t playing nice with my Apple products.  I reached out for prayer and went back to writing it.  I was finally able to get it done with only one more issue.  I was so glad to get it done and published!  Sometimes I get beyond frustrated when I try to write, not by the writing itself, but because of all the technical difficulties.  Do you ever have problems like these or is it just me?

I’m going to get some water now and then I’d love to talk about you.  How are you doing?

~ Joanna Lynn

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