Do Not Judge Me

“Do not judge my story by the chapter you walked in on.”


  1. We are so quick to judge others by what we see happening at the moment.  The worse part about this is that, usually, we don’t know anything about the person we are judging.  We have no idea what is going on in the person’s life.  
  2. Even if we do know the person, we have absolutely no idea what is going through the person’s mind.  We all wrestle with some type of demon, doubts and insecurity.  At any given time in a day, these insecurities and such can be triggered in a day.  Or something really rough may have happened.
  3. Or…it might just be a bad day!  We all have them.  (Be honest!)
  4. (Confession time) I am not very giving in my thoughts of certain drivers when they decide they are the only ones that matter on the road.  The word “idiot” comes to mind very quickly and often escapes out of my mouth.  I know it isn’t right, but it is an area I truly need to evaluate at some point.  (Do not judge me…We all have our crosses to bear…OK, maybe I should be judged – it won’t help any, but have at it.)
  5. The part I really like about this quote is that it’s important to remember when you’re stuck in the middle of even the worst of times, there will be a better day coming.  When you’re stuck in the middle of abuse, this can seem highly unlikely, but it’s true.  There’s always a way out of it.  It may take time and you’ll probably need help (counseling, a trusted friend, police), but it is probable that it will change.
  6. Something I am learning more and more, or, more accurately, taking to heart, is that the rough time you’re going through, maybe even right this minute, does not define you.   Someone’s rejection of you or judging & condemning look is their issue to deal with, not yours.
  7. If you really are doing something wrong, like (gasp) really losing your temper because your child asked you to do something for the twentieth time in two minutes, you can always apologize to the child and begin again.  Your child knows your love for them.  Who cares what the person thinks?  Have them be asked for a candy bar twenty times in two minutes at ever increasing decibels and their response may mimic or surpass yours.

It would be so awesome if we were never judged unfairly.  We should all remind ourselves, do not judge others, but it’s going to happen.  But maybe we can be more aware of it and realize that because we’re often wrong in our judging of others, we don’t need to take others’ judging of us to heart.

~ Joanna Lynn

3 thoughts on “Do Not Judge Me

  1. Hi Joanna,
    I really enjoyed your post and that whole concept of not judging someone by the moment. These are really good ideas to keep in mind and revisit. I find I am constantly needing to cleanse my mind and remind myself of I guess what you could call “my higher ideals”, rather than sinking into my bad habits and getting swallowed up by them. We are all a constant work in progress.
    xx Rowena

  2. Amen! Very well said. I love how you worded it. You should be a writer…oh, wait…!!!😊

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