Find Freedom

Hi and welcome again.  I’m so glad to spend time with you.  Grab a drink and whatever snack you would like.  We have a lot of chips this week.  My family loves to snack on chips.  It’s not really my thing, but you are welcome to them.  Let me start by telling you about my week.  It’s been a week where I was looking to find freedom…and actually did in one area!

Find Freedom

I spent a fair amount of time trying to find a place to hold my oldest’s graduation party.  Our house is big enough to hold quite a few people, but it’s not open concept at all.  This would make it hard for visiting everyone and making sure everyone can see my son.  So, we’re going to have it at a park shelter.  It’s a nice park and it’s directly across the street from his high school, so it should be a good fit.

I started doing some purging and organizing yet again.  It’s somewhat cathartic to see space opening up for different uses and rearranging.  My kids have always taken pieces from games, puzzles and even parts of my tools and household items to use for who knows what reason.  I’ve always encouraged their creativity but it makes it impossible to play many games or use something because all the pieces are usually not there.  It’s a ridiculous way to live.  I’ve done this type of cleaning many other times, but it seems my kids have a sixth sense as to when I’m doing the work.  They always end up not only taking the pieces I just replaced but also additional pieces.  Then it’s worse than I started.  I’m hoping to find freedom from doing this again since they are older and hopefully will have grown out of their preoccupation with pieces.

The other thing I’ve been doing is typing out journal entries in chronological order into the journal I started on my computer.  It has brought up some very realistic dreams where it takes some time after I’ve woken up to realize it’s not really happening.  Fortunately, it has helped already in one area.  As the years have passed, I’d begun to wonder if maybe interactions with those I have walked away from weren’t as bad as I remembered.  Maybe I was overly sensitive.  Maybe the rough memories of these relationships weren’t as difficult and painful.  However, after typing the entries, it revealed to me that they were actually worse than I remember.  That has helped my thought process in that I can walk confidently in the decisions I felt led to make in walking away.  Even though I still am encountering abuse from the decision, I feel freedom in this area.

Well, those are the highlights from my past week.  What have you been up to?

~ Joanna Lynn

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  1. It is hard. I guess we have to really prioritize what needs done first and so on down the line so we can at least feel like we’ve accomplished something and not feel exhausted.

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