Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!  Come on in and grab whatever you’d like to drink.  We ate at Outback Steakhouse after church, so there’s not much to offer here.  We do have some Hershey bars with almonds if you would like one, though.

Happy Easter

He is not here. He has risen!

I will have to say that part of the lunch was a little tough to swallow…literally.  Our pastor was talking about how we all live by faith, whether we follow Jesus or practice any kind of religion. His examples were sitting in the seat with all of our body weight without first having an inspection of it, buckling into a plane without knowing anything about the pilot or the plane and then…he went somewhere he really didn’t need to go.  His other example was going to eat at restaurants, ‘because we have no idea when we’re eating our salad if the person who was preparing it didn’t happen to have something fall out of their nose into our salads’.  We all groaned and he said we could thank him later.  I couldn’t finish my salad at lunch!  Happy Easter to us!!!

On that note, let’s move on.  I spent last week doing a lot of yard work.  On Saturday, I tried to divide big ornamental grasses.  I thought it was one big plant, but there were really six to eight different plants that formed into a circle with the middle of it empty.  The plants had clearly been planted without any thought toward them actually growing.  I did everything I could to get the front and side plants dug out, but I couldn’t get the inside parts of them out.  I eventually had to have my brother come out to finish removing them.  If I’m honest, I felt a bit defeated, even though I did most of it.   My brother would have gotten them out much quicker, I’m sure, but I’ve gotten to the point that I try to accomplish most things by myself.  I’ve actually been able to learn and carry out most things, which is a big confidence booster, but it can also be bad in that I will exhaust myself and not ask for help most of the time.

Unfortunately, though, doing really hard jobs like this can make me very angry toward the one I loved.  I own a big, older house with a big yard.  I have termed it my “kegger house” because everything that was done to it seems have been done AFTER everyone had emptied a keg of beer.  It’s become almost comical, but the frustration and anger I feel, at times, is not.  I should realize when I feel this way that I need help, but, instead, I just exert more energy muttering under my breath that I didn’t sign up for this big house and yard to take care of myself.  I feel very abandoned and alone when I experience these times and like I’m climbing up a huge sand dune.  I need to get over it and move on, I know, but I’m not sure how to do that yet.  I am trying, but the feeling just comes and I can’t stop it.  Oh, well, eventually I hope I can vanquish it.

So, how was your week?  I would really love to hear from you.  Happy Easter…again!

~ Joanna Lynn

“He is not here.  He has risen, just as He said.  Come and say the place where He lay.”  Matthew 28:6  (As one of my favorite t-shirts says:  BEST DAY EVER!  That’s what Easter is.)

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10 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. It is true though, if we didn’t have faith in what we eat is palatable I don’t think obesity would be a problem any more. However I can give you 2 eg’s, one, it was a horse mushroom, nearly as big as my plate, munching away, as you do, when it occurred to me that the texture wasn’t quite right, so checked it out, and found I had just eaten a mouth full of maggot, tasty fine, it was as I said, the strange texture. The same thing with an orange, only I didn’t swallow them, I will just add I was very poorly. Have a good Easter Monday, stick to eating chocolate, you know you cant go wrong there, or can you???

  2. I feel SO sorry for you!!! You’ll probably never look at a mushroom the same again. Yeah, I think that was worse than what the pastor said.

  3. No, it did however teach me to chop all field collected edible fungi, and it is surprising how when picking a group only one is infected, strange! Still love mushrooms 🙂

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