I Hope

I Hope

I Hope

The Weather Is Beautiful

Hi!  Glad we could get together again this week.  Ir’s one of my favorite blogging times together. You can have either a hot or cold drink today since the weather is still quite nice but there’s a little chill to it.  I’ve still been working on some outside projects, so I hope the weather keeps up for at least a week more.

Life is busy.  This week, it wasn’t because of appointments so much as trying to get things done. I have projects coming at me from every angle.  I don’t think that’s abnormal.  Isn’t that the story of almost everyone’s life?  I know these projects will be cut drastically in a few weeks when the temperatures drop and all the outside projects go on hold until next year, when they will come back with a vengeance.  But I won’t dwell on that now.

I Hope

This is Ivanhoes! Yum!

Yesterday, I took my oldest to Ball State for an audition.  He rescheduled it for another day, so I hope it will feel like the right time for him next time.  We took advantage of being away and went shopping at a college bookstore and then I took him to this amazing place called Ivanhoes, in Upland, IN, which is about 30 minutes north of campus.  It was a treat we, as students, went several times a year.  They have great diner food and 100 different shake combinations and another 100 sundae combinations!  You can also build your own if they don’t have the exact combination you’d like.  This is something I did quite often and I even changed the one I got yesterday as well.  My son thought it was great.  We had a really good trip together.

Unfortunately, I am still having the nightmares.  It seems now they have gone to all nightmares, no matter how many times I wake up, I go into a different one.  It is pretty rough and I’ve had a horrible time staying awake during the day as the week goes on.  If I can just keep moving, I’m good, but if I try to relax at all, it’s a struggle to keep my eyes open.  Today, I actually slept until almost 1:00 pm and still feel tired.  Having nightmares doesn’t make for very restful sleep.  I know there has to be a reason God is allowing them but I hope an end is coming soon.  Until then, I will continue doing my best moving forward in trying to accomplish as much as I can.  I don’t have lofty goals, I just want to sleep well and enjoy the dreams along the way.

So, how have you been?  I hope you are doing well.  I’d love to hear from you.

~ Joanna Lynn

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