The Perfect Job

When I was in high school, I needed to ride the school bus everyday.  The children were ruthless in their treatment of the drivers and we went through three or four in a few weeks. At the young age of fourteen, I vowed I would NEVER drive a bus! Flash forward many years and you find my profession to be a city bus driver. Why the change of heart? God! In His sovereignty the job I cursed as a teen became the best job I have ever had! I love driving buses.

About ten years ago I went to work at the only school in town just for something to do. I worked in the cafeteria and as a janitor, until the principal came to me saying,”I really am in need of another bus driver.” My immediate reaction was to laugh because I had said more times than I could count, “I will NEVER drive a bus!” He smiled and said to think about it.

I didn’t even pray about it for a few day’s because I was dead set against it. But then I started to think, what does God want me to do? I don’t remember the exact way but He led me to accept the offer and off I went to a driving school, paid in full by the school where I was working.

About six months later my husband’s job relocated to a very expensive California. It was there that we realized that we had to have two incomes just to squeak by! I immediately applied for a school bus driver job and got it but was not enjoying it at all. One day I was behind a city bus which said they were hiring.  I applied, and in record time, I was hired.

It was God’s sovereign hand that led me to a well-paying job when we needed it the most and, believe it or not, I have found my secular calling.  I truly believe the devil was trying to keep me from God’s best even at that early age. Allowing God to lead my life has given me a great career where I can say I love to go to work each day!


IMG_1572My name is Kristi Daniel, wife of a retired pastor, mother of five, full-time employee, and I have studied the Bible for 23 years. My blog, Stretching Your Faith, is about my life experiences and how God is showing me how to walk by faith and live like Jesus in todays hectic world.


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